Make cumin face scrub at home, the face will improve in minutes | cumin face scrub use benefits


Cumin kept in the kitchen is a wonderful thing. While it enhances the taste of food as a spice, it is also beneficial for lactating women. Cumin is used for many home remedies ranging from weight loss.  But this cumin has another advantage, a face pack or scrub made from it. Yes, a cumin face pack is a wonderful thing. You can make it at home and use it, then you will not need to go to any beauty parlor. Actually, to get a glow on the skin, girls resort to treatments ranging from expensive beauty products, but all these things damage the skin later. With the help of cumin, you can get glowing skin without spending any money and without harming the skin. The antibacterial and antioxidant properties present in cumin keep the skin youthful forever. It also has medicinal properties. It does not allow aging marks to appear on your skin. It contains many types of vitamins and minerals. Let us know how you can make cumin scrub at home for glowing skin.

Let us know how cumin scrub is made and what ingredients are needed for this.


two tablespoon cumin

half cup sugar

one tablespoon honey

1/2 cup almond oil

20 drops tea tree oil


Take a small pot.  Add the almond oil, honey, and tea tree oil to it and mix them well.

Now add cumin and sugar to it.  Mix it so well that the wires start pulling in it.

Your skin is ready.  Now fill this mixture in a bottle and keep it.

Do this scrub once or twice a week

skin tanning:-

skin tanning:-

Cumin is a boon for people who are facing the problem of skin tan in summer.  To remove tanning from the skin, grinding cumin seeds and mixing it with curd and rose water removes skin tanning.

glow on face:-

To clean and whiten the face, apply turmeric powder and honey in cumin powder, this will enhance the fairness of your face as well as improve it.

facial wrinkles:-

Cumin is also used to keep away the wrinkles that come on the face with increasing age.  For this, mix cumin with gram flour and raw milk and apply it to the face.  Wrinkles are removed by applying this paste to the face.  If you are planning to go to the beauty parlor on Diwali, then this homemade scrub is of great use to you.

Note: This article has been shared for your information.  If you are a patient of any disease, consult your doctor.

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