Try to get rid of navel blackness:-

Try to get rid of navel blackness | clean Try to get rid of navel blackness

Women are trying to stay fit and active in order to see themselves in fashionable and sexy dresses, while the fashion of wearing long blouses has now disappeared; adorned the navel and wearing earrings on it is the fashion of this era. Your belly button is far away from your nose. If you notice an unpleasant smell coming from that area, you may wonder what is happening. The simplest explanation for belly button odor is hygiene. In this hollow area that the umbilical cord is attached to your parents while in the womb, a little belly button indentation is likely to accumulate the following if you do not keep it clean:

Try to get rid of navel blackness:-

yeast infection. The most bellybutton is a breeding ground for bacteria since a dark, moist area where the skin often rests against the skin.  As a result, you can get a yeast infection in your belly button.

Smell.  Even if you do not develop a yeast infection, the accumulation of sweat, dirt, dead skin cells, and lint can cause your belly button to stink.

The Omfololith. As dead skin cells and sebum - the oil secreted by your skin - accumulate in your belly button, they can build up an om phytolith over time.  Also known as navel stones, they are made of the same material that forms blackheads. The surface of a navel stone will be blackened by oxidation. Navy stones do not usually exert pressure like blackheads but are removed with tweezers.

Try to get rid of navel blackness:-

To remove the blackness of the navel, make a paste by mixing a little Multani mitti, two drops of almond oil, two drops of Nambu juice in rose water.  Apply this paste well on the navel 15 minutes before delivery.  Clean it at the time of pregnancy.  By using this experiment for a few days, the blackness of the navel disappears.

If there is excess blackness in the navel, mash the boiled potatoes and rub them on the navel.  Taking a small piece of ripe papaya and rubbing it on the navel also removes the blackness of the navel.

Applying 1-2 drops of mustard oil in the navel while sleeping at night does not cause the lips to crack.

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