Makeup Tips For Dusky Women:-

Makeup Tips For Dusky Women | Best tips for dusky women

Despite the fact that "fair skin obsession" fades from the day when it comes to looking glamorous, many still believe that women with dark complexion cannot do much with makeup and shades. This, however, is far from the truth.  The makeup really reflects the dark complexion, for which many actresses and models are a testament! Remember the 1990s international supermodels Ujjwal Raut and Sheetal Müller?  And recently Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra, who has been praised worldwide for their "foreign Indian" skin tone?

Makeup Tips For Dusky Women:-

Liquid foundation:-

Dusky women use liquid foundation for makeup, it is a liquid and not a powder paste.  If you do not find a foundation that matches your skin tone, then you can make a good color by mixing two colors of foundation.  Apply moisturizer on the face before applying foundation, so that the skin becomes soft.

Dry skin:-

Dry the liquid after applying a liquid foundation on the skin.  For this, you can use powder.  If you have oily skin, keep face powder with you at all times.  This will not cause wetness on the skin and it will always remain dry.

Makeup Tips For Dusky Women:-

Blush the cheeks:-

It is not always right to apply a blusher on the face, but sometimes at a party, etc., you can get a beautiful look by using it.  Use deep orange, wine, or coral colors to blush the face.  This will improve your skin.

Use lipstick:-

Women with dark skin should also choose lipstick according to color.  Women whose color is dark, should not use pale colors i.e. light colors.  If you like to apply lipstick, then you should apply the lipstick of dark colors, such as wine, red, plum and brown, etc. colors will enhance your beauty.

For eyebrows:-

Dark-colored women should not ignore their eyebrows during makeup.  It will be better to use a pencil and powder to shape your eyebrows.  Beautiful eyes enhance beauty.

lip liner:-

Use lip liner on your lips before applying lipstick.  A good outline will enhance the tone of your face.

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