Non-visible foundation:

Pall (Instant) makeup ingredients and tips | BestPall (Instant) makeup ingredients and tips

Non-visible foundation:

This foundation keeps unnecessary glow away from the face.  Looking fashionable nowadays is the fashion in which this foundation helps you.  Test them by applying them to your jaw and take the one that is least visible.  Now that you have taken it, you can use it by washing the face well.  First, apply lotion that keeps the face moist, then apply a few drops of foundation on the face and mix.

Natural blush:


It is important that you hide the other marks around the eyes and face.  By using it properly, the face can get soft skin of freckles and blemishes.  The concealer is not sticky and you can apply it to the marks with a light brush.  After this, spread it with fingers and then leave it to do its work.  Now mix its edges with the skin color from the foundation and finally mix it with the fingers and hide the concealer.

Natural blush:

Natural blush:

Apply the blush in a very light shade so that the shimmer is not visible. Use a brush to apply it to the cheeks. The bulging of the cheeks is the perfect place for this.

Pupil curler:

It is used to rotate the pupils.  Note that the rotation is not given after applying the mascara.  Keep it at the beginning and press for a few seconds.  Now when the pupils are curved, then apply mascara on them so that they remain the same for a long time.

Eyeliner pencil:

The use of a thick pencil will be right for your eyes.  Make sure that the product is certified by an eye doctor.  Hold the pupil above the eyes comfortably and make dots on it.  Then mix them and create a smokey effect.

Highlighter for full effect:

It should be a cream highlighter that can lift the pupils and help the nose to show a thin rash.  Take it in light shades such as pink, light orange, or almost non-visible cream.

Nude lipstick:

This lipstick has no shade or color but is colorless.  If your lips are dry then apply lip balm on them and moisten them.  Now use this lipstick.

Eye shadow:

It should have colors that can barely show on your face.  They should be somewhat darker than the skin of the face.  If you are white, for this, use light pink or light brown on dark skin.  Use this pencil to thicken and mix with fingers.

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