Wine facials :-

Wine facials stop aging | Other benefits from wine facials are

Wine facials:-

Wine facials remove toxins located in the skin due to the antioxidant component in the wine.  This facial causes constriction in the skin of the face.  Different types of wine are used in facials according to skin type.

Wine facials :-

Antiaging components are found in red wine.  The use of white wine causes skin tightness, cleanses the pores of the skin, and reduces pimples.  If the skin is sensitive, add rose water to the wine.  Mix almond paste with wine for dry skin.  Applying aloe vera juice with wine to oily skin shows the good benefits of facials.

Other benefits from wine facials are:

Wine facials add glow and glow to the face.

Wine facials relieve stress.

The wrinkles of the face are soon removed.

The skin gets oxygen.

Alpha hydroxy acid in white wine proves to be effective for dry skin.  This makes the skin soft.  Red wine facials are suitable for oily skin.  The medicinal components located in this are helpful in reducing the inflammation of the skin.

Wine facials :-

At home, you can make wine facials like this:

Wash the face thoroughly and apply moisturizer.  After 5-7 minutes, wipe the face with the cotton.

Steam the face for 5 minutes.  This opens the pores of the face.

After giving the steam, apply the wine mixture to the face.  Massage the face lightly with the tips of the fingers.  This gives relief to the muscles of the face.  After this, wipe the face with cotton and apply the wine face mask on the face.  After 10 minutes wash the face with lukewarm water.

How to make face mask :-

How to make a face mask:-

For dry skin: Mix 3 tablespoons red wine, 1/2 tbsp aloe vera gels, and 1 tbsp honey.  Mix 2 drops of lavender oil in it and apply it on the face and neck.  After 20 minutes wash the face with lukewarm water.

For oily skin: Prepare a mixture of 3 tablespoons of red wine with curd and 2 drops of tea tree oil.  Then apply it to the face and wash the face after 20 minutes.

Wine and aloe vera mask: Mix red wine and aloe vera gels and apply on the face.  After 10 minutes wash the face with lukewarm water.  This mask gives a lot of relief to the skin.

Port wine and honey mask: Mix 2-3 tablespoons of port wine and honey and apply it to the face.  After 1/2 hour washes the face with lukewarm water.  Honey adds facial tone and port wine acts as anti-aging.

Applying wine to your face is also enough to add beauty to your beauty.  But never apply it directly on the skin, because it contains alcohol content.  Mix useful things according to the type of skin in it, then apply only.

Wine reduces headaches, removes facial stains and blossoms beauty.  So take advantage of the wine during the rainy season.  Use it to enhance the beauty and enhance your beauty.

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