Home remedies to remove hair lice

Home remedies to remove hair lice | Best Home remedies to remove hair lice


The smell of garlic is very pungent, if it is ground and applied to the hair and washed after an hour, then all the lice die.  If you wish, you can also add lemon juice to this paste.


White vinegar:

Before bedtime, take white vinegar and apply it to your hair, just as you apply oil to your hair.  After applying it, cover your head with a towel and let it sit overnight.  Get up in the morning and wash your head.  When you comb after shampooing, all the lice will come out automatically.

Baby Oil:

You will be surprised to know, but if you comb your hair in the morning by applying baby oil, then a lot of lice get pulled.  You can also use almond oil instead.

Comb with olive oil:

When there are lice, comb with olive oil and comb it.  Apply olive oil three times a week, so that you will not have lice.



Salt is a very effective material when there are lice.  Take five teaspoons of salt and dissolve in half a cup of vinegar.  Apply this mixture on your scalp and put on a shower cap.  Leave it like this for two hours.  After that wash the hair and comb it.  You will get good results in three days.

Petroleum Jelly:

Petroleum jelly has properties that make the lice stick, causing the lice to succumb and leave.  Apply petroleum jelly before sleeping at night and leave it overnight.  Later in the morning comb it, a lot of lice will come out.

Essential oil treatment:

Combine olive oil and alcohol.  Apply this mixture on your head and leave it overnight.  After this, wash your head in the morning.  You can also use Neem oil, Clove oil, Cinnamon oil, etc. types oils.

Tree Tea Oil:

Tree tea oil is a natural insecticide that can easily remove lice from the hair.  Add Garry oil to this oil and apply it on the hair ends.  Let it sit in the head for half an hour and then later wash the head and comb it well.


Mayonnaise has lice-killing properties.  Grind it in the head and wash it a little later, due to which the lice die and leave.



Instead of bread, apply butter on your child's head, leave it overnight and wash it in the morning.  This will give you relief from the problem of lice.

Baking soda:

Baking soda is very effective in removing lice.  Mix the olive oil in it and apply it well in the head.  Wash in the morning after remaining overnight.

Garlic oil and apple vinegar:

 This remedy is a little expensive but very effective.  Add equal quantities of Garry oil and apple vinegar and apply.  Later, thoroughly wash and comb the hair.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Borax:

Combine hydrogen peroxide and borax.  Apply this mixture on the hair and rub it, then wash it well afterward.


Detail is an antiseptic that can also relieve lice.  After applying it, you remain there for an hour and then wash it.  Applying thick Dettol would be good if you also add a little water to it, otherwise, skin irritation may occur.

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