Basic Makeup Tricks:-

Basic Makeup Tricks | Best tips for Basic Makeup Tricks

Basic Makeup Tricks:-

Women or women all want to look beautiful. But many times it happens that the natural charm also seems to fade if the knowledge of the use of makeup products is not correct. Therefore, it is important to know the specifics of the makeup before applying it. Any girl/woman can become the center of attraction by adopting basic tricks of makeup.

Basic Makeup Tricks:-

Concealer and Foundation:-

For basic makeup, first of all, use yellow concealer (303) to cover the skin spots.  After that apply foundation of light brown or beige shade.  Both these shades usually suit the skin due to the soft tone.  Blend the foundation thoroughly so that it is absorbed into the skin and gives a uniform look.

 Translucent powder:-

 After applying the foundation, thoroughly dip it with translucent powder so that the excess oil absorbs the translucent powder.  Be sure to dust the excess powder with a brush, otherwise, it will look ugly.

The blusher:-

After applying the powder, apply blusher (natural pink, plume, brown) to Apple Aria.  Never apply more than 2 coats of blusher.  Blend the blusher thoroughly.

Basic Makeup Tricks:-

Eye makeup:-

For basic makeup, apply eyeshadow in light brown or peach color.  For this, you can apply eyeshades of Lakme, Color Essence and Revlon, etc.  Apply white or black mascara after defining eyelashes with eyeliner.  After this, carefully curl the eyelids with a lash curler.  Apply 2-3 coats of black mascara.  With this, your eyelashes will look thick.

Lip makeup:-

In basic makeup, while making the outline of lips, keep in mind that the color of lipstick and lipliner should be the same.  So apply nude color lipstick only. In addition to this, you can also complete makeup by applying lipgloss between the lips and blending it to the lipline. But keep in mind, while applying lipgloss, apply it from the lips to the edges.

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