Create the henna of this design in your hands:-

Create the henna of this design in your hands | How is henna used?

What is henna?

Henna is a plant that has been used as a dye since the Bronze Age, mainly in the eastern Mediterranean region, including North Africa, Italy, Spain, and the Middle East.  It was also widely used in India, where it is still a popular form of temporary body art.

What is henna?

How is henna used?

To make a dye for the skin, the henna plant is mixed with some other ingredients into a paste, which is then applied to the body using a cone-shaped funnel.  Henna should not be applied on the skin for several hours to get the skin well-stained, and then it is washed off.  Henna designs can last for days or months.

Slant pattern:-

In this method, henna is applied diagonally across the palms.  The henna starts at the index finger and is applied to the underside of the wrist.  It is quite a cipher pattern.

Rangoli pattern:-

Henna design is also applied in this way as if the rangoli is made in the palms. Start applying henna in the middle of the palm and then spread it out and fill the entire hand.

Floral pattern:-

This is the common design of henna.  You can make any size flower design.

What is henna?


Henna is used as a good omen.  You should also cover your nails with henna.  If you do not have time to apply henna, you can do so.

Full circle on palms:-

In this design, a half cycle can be made on one palm and a half cycle on the other palm.  When you mix both palms, your palms will look beautiful.

Star pattern:-

In henna, not only can chakras, leaves or flowers be made, but you can also fill its design with stars.  Star-studded henna looks quite trendy.

Henna Tattoos:-

If you want to make henna like a tattoo, you will not only follow your tradition but you will also look stylish.

Peacock design henna:-

This hyena design spreads across the palms like peacock feathers.  It looks the most beautiful in appearance.

Tower pattern:-

This design is loaded with minarets.  It is a heavy design that looks Mughlai.  This pattern is inspired by Persian art.

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