Take care of hair with vinegar:-

Take care of hair with vinegar | Best Take care of hair with vinegar

Take care of hair with vinegar:-

Vinegar has been used in our homes for a long time since ancient times.  Along with being good at eating, it is also very effective in curing many diseases.  But do you know that using it also gives strength and silk-like shine to your hair?  Let's talk about how you can look after your hair only with vinegar.

Take care of hair with vinegar:-

Take care of hair with vinegar

1) Natural conditioner-

After shampoo use vinegar for hair care, it causes strong circulation in the hair which prevents hair breakage and strengthens it.  If your hair is oily then apply vinegar with lemon after shampoo and after 15 minutes wash the hair with cold water.

2) Glows in the hair:

Applying natural vinegar makes the hair smooth and supple and moisturizes them so that they do not get tangled.

3) Care for scallop:

If your scalp is dry and you have dandruff, then after washing your hair, you should apply vinegar and a little almond oil.  This mixture brings moisture to the scallop and dandruff goes away for a lifetime.

4) Hair will be straight:

It is also useful in straightening dry and curly hair.  Wash hair with apple vinegar and straighten your hair.

Take care of hair with vinegar:-

5)Comb and brush clean:

If you want to clean your hairbrush and comb, then dip them in vinegar. This will clear all the germs and dirt in them. Use about a tablespoon of shampoo or soap and place it inside a large bowl and fill it with warm water. Hot water helps to break things down even more than cold water. Using the scissors, run the scissors along the base of the brush, cut the hair, and remove the hair.  You can also use a rattan comb and pull all the hair upwards. Then place the round brush inside the water and rotate it around for 30 seconds. A good tip is to use another round brush and rub them both against each other with warm, soapy water. This technique is actually found in bristles and removes product buildup that may get stuck on bristles. Then rinse with water and place on a towel to dry.

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