Face pack of fruits enriched with vitamin C for the skin

Face pack of fruits enriched with vitamin C for the skin | best Face pack of fruits enriched with vitamin C for the skin

 1) orange peel face pack:-

Oranges are high in vitamin C and these properties are also found in their peels.  To make this face pack, first dry the oranges peels.  Then make a powder of these dried peels.  Now mix a little milk in half a cup of powder and apply it to the face.  This pack will enhance and soften your skin.

Face pack of fruits enriched with vitamin C for the skin

 2)Strawberry Face Pack:-

Juicy strawberries are fun to eat as well as beneficial for the skin.  To make a strawberry face pack, grind the strawberries in a mixer and prepare a thick paste. Then apply this paste on your face and leave it for 15 minutes. When the paste dries a little, apply it again.

 3) kiwi face pack:-

If you are suffering from dry skin then the Kiwi face pack will prove to be a good option for you.  Kiwi fruit with vitamin C properties helps in getting rid of many skin problems.

4) tomato face packs:-

A tomato face pack made by grinding tomatoes opens the skin pores.  This face pack enhances the skin tone of the scorched and enhances the radiance of the face.

Strawberries and Grits:-

 5) Strawberries and Grits:-

Oatmeal helps in getting rid of dead cells and Strabri softens the skin.  Therefore, to get the double result, mix 3 big spoons of oat flour in the powdered strawberry and prepare a paste of it and apply it on your face.  Apply this pack three times a week.

6) papaya and multani mitti:-

Multani soil is said to be the reason for the beauty of the women of Multan.  To get such beauty, you should mash papaya and mix it with Multani mitti.  Wash your face with rose water before applying this face pack.

7 Cranberries & Yogurt:-

 7) Cranberries & Yogurt:-

Apply one cup of cranberry mixture to half a cup of yogurt and apply to your skin.  Cranberry helps in getting rid of pimples and curd enhances the tone of the face and provides coolness to the skin.

8) melon and milk:-

The face pack made by mixing watermelon and milk will be very thin, so apply it with the help of cotton.  This face pack will help you recover your lost complexion.  Apply this pack on your face three times a week.

7 Cranberries & Yogurt:-

 9) Pineapple and Lemon:-

Both pineapple and lemon contain plenty of vitamin C.  By combining these two things like a face pack, effective results will be obtained.  This pack will definitely enhance the glow of your face.

10) lemons:-

If ever the fruits given in this list are not present, then only one lemon can be useful for you in such a difficult time.  Vitamin C present in the lemon reduces the spots on your face and cleanses the skin from within and enhances its complexion.

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