Bright face like moon | Best tips for a Bright face like the moon

Often women use too many make-up products to look beautiful. While there is no need for more makeup products to look beautiful, the correct technique and mixing of makeup should be understood. With the right technique and mixing, you can look beautiful in minutes, "says Kapil Pathak, the makeup expert of Media Makeup Academy.

| Best tips for Bright face like moon

Face Cleaning: Facial cleansing is very important before makeup. This enhances the makeup even more. Wash the face with water before applying facewash on the face. Then take a little facewash on the palm and divide it into 6 parts on the face. Then scrape it and apply it to the face. After this, while rolling the sphere with the finger tip, rub it and wash it with water.

Those with dry skin should use gel-based face wash for those with cream base and oily skin.  Freshness is also realized by regular use of facewash. Many women apply a moisturizer on the face after cleaning it. But do not do this at all, because the foundation already has a moisturizer. Therefore, there is no need to apply a moisturizer.

Bright face like moon

Make-up: Apply foundation to your face with your skin tone and make a base. There are many types of skin tones on the face, such as the area under the eyes, the part near the chin, and the lips are dark. Therefore, mixing in makeup is very important so that the face can be brought into a skintone. To get the skin in one tone, first, apply a tone dark foundation and then apply a tone light concealer and mix it well with a sponge.

Bright face like moon

Mixing in makeup is very important. If the mixing is not well, then patches are seen on the face and the face does not look good.  After mixing, spray light water on the face and mix it with a sponge. This makes makeup waterproof, making makeup last longer.

Keep in mind the color of your hands while doing makeup.  Along with the face, prepare the bean base on the neck too so that the face and neck look the same.  If there is swelling on the face, then keep the cotton for a while by immersing it in blunt water and then clean your face with it.

Glossy Look: For a glossy look on the face, mix Shimmer and pancake thoroughly and apply on the face, and then mix it well with a light wet sponge.

Face cutting: Face cutting can make a large face appear smaller. For this, make a barley line from a brown pencil to the ear and then cut it by taking an injection in a wet sponge.

Nose cutting: Nose cutting after face cutting can make a thick nose appear smaller and thinner.  Apply the foundation on both sides of the nose with a sponge.  Then mix it well with the help of fingers.  Taking the upper part of the cut near the eyebrows, bring it to the bottom of the nose and cut it by mixing it well.  Put a light base in the middle of the nose and a dark algal. The nose looks thin and long with this.

Eye makeup

If you have small eyes, apply white pencil kajal in them and apply half black kajal towards the bottom.  This makes the eyes look big.

Before applying mascara to the eyes, apply foundation on the eyelashes.  With this, the mascara will last for a long time.  After applying mascara, spray the hair on the mascara brush and use it to blacken the eyebrows.  With this, the eyelids and eyebrows look the same.

Now apply liner and shadow to the eyes.  You can also use shadow as a colorful liner.  Apply dark color liner with light-colored clothes and light liner with dark-colored clothes.

Nowadays, red shadows are also practiced under the eyes.  You can make your eyes beautiful by applying red shadow under the eyes.  You can remove the liner on the outside to give the eyes a catchy look.

Always use earbuds to remove mascara.  Apply cleansing milk in the earbuds and apply it to the eyes.  This will not spread the mascara and will come out easily.

Lips: The beauty of the face can be seen from the lips.  If you do not have a variety of lipstick, then add shadows in the cleansing milk and mix well and apply it on the lips.  Then apply gloss on it.  Do not apply dry lipstick on the lips in summer.  Use Glos

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