Easy ways to make up prom:-

Easy ways to make up prom | Best tips for Easy ways to make up prom

Easy ways to make up prom:-

Prom nights are the time to come and you can adopt some easy but attractive ways to become Miss Perfect. You may get the title or not, but it can definitely make you miss prom.

Easy ways to make up prom:-


 Fresh start

Your face is a canvas on which you can show art.  Before applying make-up on your face, clean it.  You can use face wash to get started.  Dry the skin completely.  No need to scrub.


Apply foundation layer

The first thing in your makeup is to apply foundation which is very important.  How you do make-up and the foundation is very important to keep it fresh throughout the day.  Never think of buying a good foundation.  Buy only those from the market that are suitable for your skin. With this, keep in mind that what you are using should be comfortable for you.

Eye makeup

Your eye makeup can make you look different which will give you a different identity.  First of all, you should see how you want to look dark, mysterious, light, life, or flirty.  Never hesitate to choose a simple or lively look.  It may take some time to choose, so think beforehand.  Make your eyelashes complete your look.  Use mascara or eyelashes to make them look big and beautiful.  Make sure that the makeup is well done and does not look excessive.

Easy ways to make up prom:-


For smokey eyes

The best thing about this makeup is that it suits the eyes of any color.  Whether the eyes are blue, black or green, this makeup is suitable for everyone. All you have to do is choose the right shade of shade.  Smokey eye makeup is the most popular trend these days. This is how you can do it:

 You can get this look with black eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow.  It is not necessary that everything is black in color.


You can also use blue ie gray and gray color to give a dramatic look.

Use black color around the eyes.

While using the blue and gray color, make sure that the income liner is completely mixed with the eyes that you have applied under the eyes and above the eyelids.

Color for lips

Every woman has less lipstick, which is as important as eye makeup.  Choose your lip color according to the look and the occasion.  It is important that your lip color matches your look.

If you are applying more makeup on the eyes, keep the lip color low.  For example, applying red lipstick with blue eye shadow will make you look different.  But not the way you want.

Use a controlled amount of make-up so that you do not stain the ends.

Red lip color may look good with smokey eyes, if the rest of the makeup is more, then choose lip color of light pink color.

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