Do your own manicure at home in a natural way:-

Do your own manicure at home in a natural way| Best tips for manicure at home in a natural way

Do your own manicure at home in a natural way:-

Every day it is not possible for anyone to go to a beauty parlor, but bright and beautiful nails have become loved by everyone nowadays. So today we will tell you how you can easily do manicure yourself at home with the help of natural methods and without losing money. Yes, you are not alert, so let's know about this method.

Do your own manicure at home in a natural way:-

 How to do manicure at home

1) If you want to clean your dirty and stained nails, then immerse them in hot soapy water for some time. Use a good brush to clean it.  If the stain is not getting rid of deep and easily, then clean it again by adding salt and shampoo to the water to clean it.

2) If the nail is applied on the nail, clean it with a remover. After this, clean your surrounding cuticles by cutting your enlarged nails with a nail cutter.

3) If you want to apply nail polish, start from the first base and move the brush in one direction. If the nail polish has spread out after applying a coat, wipe it gently with a paper towel and with cleanliness.

4) File your nails with a crystal glass file. This will strengthen the nails and they will not break.

5) If you want a shape round of your nails, cut them slightly towards the edge with the help of a nail cutter. Always keep in mind that the shape of the nail should always match your fingers.

Do your own manicure at home in a natural way:-

6) If your nails are broken or ruffled then fix them with olive oil. Dip your fingers in the warm olive oil for 8-10 minutes and then massage your hands with whatever oil is left.

7) If you want your nails to be light pink then prepare a paste of water and henna. Apply it to your nails and let them dry for a while.  Then wash it and see how beautiful your nails will look.

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