Nailart made more glamorous :-

Nailart made more glamorous | best tips for Nailart made more glamorous

Nailart made more glamorous:-

Apart from the face, hands and nails also have a lot of value. That is why, special attention is paid not only to the face but also to the beauty of hands and nails, especially on the wedding day, because rings, outfits, etc. are all important on this day. Designing nails has also become necessary to make this special day attractive and romantic.

Nailart made more glamorous :-

In this regard, Ekta Vijay of Ekta Arts of Mumbai, who makes bridal nail art, says that bridal nail art nowadays makes all the bride, based on the color and embroidery of their dress.  There are several types of nail art:

The red and golden color nail art is mostly applied to the bride, as the Indian bride wears a red pair, especially on the wedding day.

Indian bride also loves traditional nail art.  For this, by taking a rich color, you can polish the nails and make flowers, lines, etc.  Peacocks, urns, etc. are made more

French nail art is also very popular.  In this, the design is made by mixing with the color of the dress.

To make a nail, first, the nail color is applied. After that, apply golden or silver nail paints. On top of this, the design is filled with a needle by making a design with a nail art pen. Finally, the stone is applied to it by coating the transparent shimmer. Many times pearls are also replaced instead. All these items are easily available in the market.

Nailart made more glamorous :-

Bridal nail art is also made with the stamping technique.  Like the design of a bridal dress, small designs are made on the nails.  Pink, red, orange, oyster, etc. are all useful for nail art.

Sometimes the nails of some bride are short. In this case, artificial nails are applied to make the nails beautiful. If your nails are short and the wedding is near, then keep the nails submerged in olive oil for a while 1-2 weeks before the wedding. With this, they will grow quickly. The design is made again by applying acrylic paint on such nails with a fine brush.

Here are some ways to keep nails always beautiful:

Always have healthy food.  It should include green vegetables, fruits, almonds, etc.

Nails are never damaged by nail polish, but if there are cracks in the nails, then use Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover.  Whenever cleaning the house or working in the garden, do not forget to wear gloves.  Keep nails away from dust.

After finishing the work, put mild soap in the lukewarm water and keep the hands submerged for some time. Then apply moisturizer.

Keep moisturizing the cuticles around the nails from time to time.  See a dermatologist if they have pain, radiance, or infection.

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