How to look beautiful :-

How to look beautiful | best tips for How to look beautiful

How to look beautiful:-

During the winter season, dry air is also used along with cold air, as well as many types of equipment are used indoors. This makes the skin lifeless and dry. Keep your skin protected from cold winds. Always keep the body covered with warm clothes. Whenever outside, cover your head with a scarf, muffler, or hat. Especially protect your face from cold and dry winds. Do not sit very close to the heating appliances running in the house, the heat of these can spoil your skin.

sunscreen lotion

Use of bath oil

Massage with hot oil before bathing, almond oil is good for this. This will strengthen your bones. Do not stop bathing in winter, take bath every day. Do not take bath with too much hot water. Hot water eliminates the natural oil of the skin and makes it dry and rough.  If you have to take a bath with hot water, then add bath oil, then take a bath or add a few drops of olive oil and coconut oil, then take a bath. Take a rose petal and take a bath in lukewarm water, this will brighten the skin of your body. Finish the bath in 10-15 minutes. After half an hour after bathing, go out in cold air somewhere.

Drink warm milk. To keep the skin soft, take fat items in the food. Your skin needs not only external maintenance but also inner nutrition.  Therefore professional nutrition is necessary. Water keeps your skin alive.  A good dose of water also softens your skin, as well as corrects skin disorder.  Eat plenty of watery vegetables. Drink lots of hot water.  Eat plenty of carrots. Amla is a good source of vitamin C in the winter season, eat fruits with vitamins A and C, eat it. It makes the inner surface of the skin good.

 Take tomato juice 2 times a day.  Tomatoes can also be eaten as a vegetable.  In this way, orange can also be used.  Fruits and vegetables enhance the skin from the inside, so include them in plenty in your food.

In winter, take care of hair, especially oil massage 2 times a week.  Do not wash hair with hot water.

How to look beautiful :-

sunscreen lotion

Protect your face from cold winds.  Don't forget to apply sunscreen lotion.  Apply a moisturizer 2 times a day.  Apply a good cold cream on your face before bedtime, this will keep the moisture.

Pay attention to your lips as well as your face. To prevent lips from bursting, apply ghee or butter at night, then massage and leave. With this, the lips will remain soft.  Use SPF lip balm. Apply Vaseline before applying lipstick, then apply lipstick.  After that soak it with tissue paper. Do not turn the tongue on the lips, do not cut the lips with teeth.

Do not ignore your hands. Before bed, apply good hand cream and sleep.  Do not leave your hands wet for long.  When doing such tasks in which the hands have to be immersed in water, use rubber gloves.

Take good care of your nails as well. Apply a base coat before applying nail polish. Brush nails with cuticle or nail oil.  If nails are breaking, drink plenty of water.

There is a big problem in winter, of torn eddy.  To avoid this problem, always keep your feet clean. Apply a moisturizer after bathing. At night, wash your feet and take an equal amount of glycerin and vaseline and massage the feet.  Wear cotton socks, then sleep.

How to look beautiful :-

Skin infections can also cause problems of edema, for this, boil spinach and immerse the feet in its water.  Skin diseases will be eliminated by this. Take a bowl of hot water, put 3 drops of aroma oil in it. After dipping the feet, keep it for a while, then rub it with herbal lotion. It will also give you comfort in sleeping.

Sometimes dry elbows and knees become a cause for shame, to avoid this, mash the ripe bananas and mix them with sugar grains.  Rub this mixture on the affected areas until the grains have melted. Make it regular.

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