Home remedies to remove makeup :-

Home remedies to remove makeup | best tips for Home remedies to remove makeup

Home remedies to remove makeup:-

Just as you apply makeup every morning, you need to remove it every night to give your skin the ability to breathe and heal itself.  Do you know that you have to spend all that money on makeup removers that are full of chemicals? Making your own will not be easy - sometimes you only need one ingredient! You will not forget to remove your eye shadow and eyeliner with one of these simple, natural makeup removers.

Olive oil

Olive oil

It is a good oil with the help of which makeup can be removed easily from the face. Take it in a cotton ball and with the help of it, get rid of the foundation or lipstick. Never use coconut oil or any cooking oil to remove makeup.

Cucumber juice

Grind a raw cucumber, squeeze it and moisten your face with its juice and remove the makeup by soaking a cotton ball in it.

Cucumber juice


Yogurt is the most easily available item in the home. You keep a small amount of it on the palm. After that, rub it well with the finger and apply it to the face. Rub the curd all over the face and then wipe it with cotton.  All the make-up will go off, keeping the softness of the skin well.


The cream also removes makeup very well, but people who have very oily skin should not use cream.  If you have normal skin, then use a cream like a curd.

Castor oil

Take a cotton ball, dip it in castor oil and apply it to the entire face.  This will remove all the makeup of your face.


Yes, you are right, tomato is a very effective way to remove makeup.  Peel it, make a puree by taking out the center and applying a paste on the face, and mashing it.  It removes any kind of foundation or cream.  This is the best home remedy to remove makeup in six ways.

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