Look beautiful with body polishing :-

Look beautiful with body polishing | Best tips for Look beautiful with body polishing

Look beautiful with body polishing:-

Body polishing is a process in which the body is energized by exfoliation by removing the dead cells of the body, making the skin healthy, soft, and shiny. Due to the dead cells accumulated on our skin, it becomes radiant and speckled.  By removing this upper dead skin, the texture of the skin is better, new cells are also formed rapidly.  Apart from this, the removal of dead skin improves blood flow to the upper layer of the skin. Our skin is able to absorb various products on its own. Overall, this whole process relaxes the body and makes it healthy. Nowadays, body polishing has become very popular due to its many benefits to the skin. In this process, some products are also selected according to the needs of the person, and even the treatment of sun-burnt skin is done. Problems such as dry skin, clogged pores, elbows, knees, or roughness of the eddy are also overcome.

Look beautiful with body polishing :-

This process of body polishing is not new, but there has been a tradition of applying boiling in India for centuries, in which flour bran, gram flour, curd or cream, turmeric, etc. were mixed and left shortly before bathing.  When it was cleaned with water at the time of bathing, along with it, the upper layer of dead skin was also removed and made the skin soft and soft.  In today's time, such treatments are very important and important, because today the amount of dust and pollution in the atmosphere is more than the limit, along with it we also have to face extreme stress. That is why body polishing is becoming so popular today. It cleanses the skin, removes fatigue, and also eradicates stress.

 The use of herbs and household items is also beneficial for the skin.  Toxic substances are also released from the body by these, the main of which is diamond body powder, which provides nutrition to the body.  By applying this scrub on the whole body, the hands are rotated in roundness.  After that, the whole body is massaged with diamond cream, which removes fatigue.  After the massage, a diamond mask is applied.

Look beautiful with body polishing :-

Diamond ash is used in these products.

Essential things for body polishing

You can also make household scrubs with the ingredients available in your kitchen.  In this, a few drops of essential oil can be added. The scrub mainly requires almond powder, oatmeal, or bran. In this, the powder of dried peel of orange or lemon, thick salt, or sugar can be added. Dry the orange and lemon

peels in the sun thoroughly, grind them, and put them in an airtight jar.  Similarly, make almond powder and fill it in the box as well.  In this, yogurt, milk, or oil can be mixed.

You can mix any oil available in the house like sunflower oil, olive oil, etc. in your scrub and mask.  If you want to add some other oil, then add apricot kernel oil (apricot kernel oil), jojoba oil, or avocado oil.  Mix a few drops of essential oil with rose, lavender, neroli, geranium, etc. for fragrance and other benefits.  Sesame seeds, dry mint leaves, and honey, etc. are not commonly used in body polishing, but these things are very good for the skin.  Coarsely grind sesame seeds and make powder of dry mint leaves.  Mix some honey in it and apply it.  With this, the pimples disappear and the skin color becomes uniform.

Massage oil

Massage the body with this by mixing clove oil, lavender oil, and 5-5 drops of oil daily in 100 grams of pure olive oil. Olive oil is important to massage oil. It not only makes the skin nourished by nourishing it, but the normal acid-alkaline of the skin also maintains balance.

How to do

First of all, do exfoliation of the skin.  Mix all the things of the scrub and apply it to the whole face and body.  After 15-20 minutes, roll the fingers round and rub it with light hands.  Scrub it especially on the knees, elbows, and heels, and then wash it with water.  After this, massage with aromatic oil.  Give light circular strokes to the joints of shoulders, elbows, and wrists and massage them by giving strokes from top to bottom on

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