Do not make these mistakes while doing makeup:-

Not make these mistakes while doing makeup | best tips for Do not make these mistakes while doing makeup

Do not make these mistakes while doing makeup:-

1) Do not remove makeup before bedtime:

Many times you do good makeup, enjoy the party, but do not remove that makeup from the face, which can spoil your face. Do not forget to remove makeup from makeup remover or baby oil while sleeping at night.  It will not cause pimples or pimples on your face at all.

Do not make these mistakes while doing makeup:-

2) Use of Makeup Brushes:

It would be better if you do makeup with a brush, rather than using it with your hands.  But these brushes should also be kept clean.  Wash these brushes with baby shampoo, it will not lose their shine and softness will also be maintained, if these brushes get spoiled then your makeup will also get spoiled.

3)Wrongly removing eye make-up:

Many women rub their eyes to remove make-up, do not do this at all.  The eyes are delicate, do not rub them, but try to get rid of makeup with a makeup remover in cotton with light hands.

4) To apply waterproof mascara every day:

Waterproof mascara, always applying can damage your eyelids, so avoid doing this.  By doing this, the eyelids become dry and there is no shine in them.  If you are fond of applying mascara, then apply regular mascara, it will always keep your eyelashes healthy.

5) Putting bronzer all over the face:

Women love to apply bronzer on their face, and they apply it all over their face.  Do not do this at all, otherwise, you are ruining your own skin. Apply it lightly and give a slight stroke on the nose area.  Do not ship on the whole face.

Do not make these mistakes while doing makeup:-

6) To stick a lot of foundation:

Some women feel that the foundation gets a shine on their faces. This is not the case, the foundation brings an instant glow to your face, but if applied in the right amount.  Do not apply too much.

7) Incorrectly applying lip liner:

Applying liner to some females does not come true. The liner lip is applied to shape and not to use as a lipstick.  Apply lip liner in the shape of lips by outlining the lips.  Only then apply lipstick.

Do not make these mistakes while doing makeup:-

8)Having a makeup product for years:

If the food items can have an expiry date, then the makeup products can also go bad, why is such a simple thing not understood by the people who have kept the same kind of product for years, so that it  Keep them to show a little use.

9) Non-moisturizing the body:

Tipped the face well, applied cream to the extremities.  But you never moisturized your body.  This can cause dryness in your skin.  Take a hot shower to keep your body skin hydrated, avoid contamination, and massage with avocado oil.

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