Top Ways to Store Your Jewelry :-

Top Ways to Store Your Jewelry | Best Top Ways to Store Your Jewelry

Why do my pearl earrings look yellow? Have you ever asked this question? Do not blame your jewelry shop, it may be your fault.  Everyone has a lot of jewelry.  Everyone likes to buy and wear them. But do you know that they spoil if you don't store them well?  This jewelry can become useless due to exposure to many components such as moisture, dust, or other metals. Therefore, it is important that they should be stored and kept, keeping in mind the type of jewelry.

Top Ways to Store Your Jewelry :-

Necklace (Necklace): Keeping different types of necklaces together increases their chances of deterioration. Therefore, make a special type of stand for them. Make the beaded necklace in a box so that it does not break when tangled. Strong necklaces can be hung on hooks.

Small ornaments: Small ornaments are very delicate and expensive, so they should be stored more carefully. For this, a cotton velvet box should be used as it reduces the damage caused by friction and the silver pieces also remain intact.

Bangles: Bangles should be stored according to their types like glass, metal, wood, and plastic. If you have a box with different sections then you can store it well. If you have not taken good care of yourself, the way a tree branch is not as safe. For wooden bangles, you can use hangers.

Earrings: There are many types of earrings such as small or large studs, earrings, ear studded earrings, and loops. Therefore, these should be stored in such a way that you can easily find them. It is good to hang them in a good design.

Top Ways to Store Your Jewelry :-

Ring, bracelet, and others: Rings can be kept in a box.  When you are not using gem rings, store them properly.  You can also make some good items from the items available in the house to store jewelry using your creativity.

Pearl jewelry: Pearl jewelry requires special care.  Pearl jewelry easily deteriorates due to sweat and moisture.  Therefore, after wearing them, wipe them with a soft cloth or tissue paper while placing them.  Cover it in a dry cloth or paper.

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