When and how to apply mehndi hair :-

When and how to apply mehndi hair | best tips for When and how to apply mehndi hair

When and how to apply mehndi hair:-

Lack of essential nutrients in the body, mainly anemia in women, any disease that has been around for a long time, some allopathy drugs can also cause untimely whiteness.

When and how to apply mehndi hair :-

Often people apply mehndi to hair in case of untimely white.  There is no information about which mehndi to take and which herbs should be mixed. If the mixture of mehndi is not balanced, it can cause a stench or increase whiteness.

Often people style various herbs without taking the proper amount of care.  It is also important to remember that the herbs being taken from the market should not be too old. Herbs also have an expiry date, but our country has not yet done much research in this direction. There is no information about when there are herbs in grocery stores in the market.  Likewise, they cannot be kept indoors for long periods of time.  The black henna often found in the market is considered safe. This is not always safe as manufacturers often add deadly chemicals to it.


If you want to see the magenta color in the hair, then crush the flowers of jaggery.

Apply mehndi in winter, then add some cloves to the mehndi paste.  This will protect you from the cold.

If you have more trouble than cold, then you should add oil, tea water, or coffee to the henna.  Dried gooseberry, turnip juice, cinnamon, walnuts, coffee are some of the ingredients that you can mix in mehndi.

When and how to apply mehndi hair :-

 Before applying henna to hair, add camphor and a spoon of fenugreek powder. These will protect the hair from becoming untimely white.

Add two teaspoons of henna powder to two teaspoons of orange juice and after shampooing, apply it on the hair and wash it after ten minutes.

If you are using henna to color your hair, then add two teaspoons of tea water to it.  Hair color will improve.

If you do not want your hair to be brown or black even after the use of henna, then apply black mehndi or use henna water as a conditioner after applying any hair dye.

If you have risen from a long illness and your hair is falling wildly, then dissolve the henna in warm water and apply it to the hair roots every two-three days.  Hair loss will be reduced

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