Choose the right liquid, be the beauty queen | Best Choose the right liquid, be the beauty queen

Beverages have a different role in our diet, whether the beverage is water or juices.  With regular consumption of this skin, our body gets plenty of energy as well.

While fruit juices are rich in iron and vitamins, vegetable juices are rich in nutrients useful for the body. Consumption of both these types of juices is beneficial for the body. If you want to get better health, then from today onwards, you have to include the appropriate amount of juices and water in your diet.

Choose the right liquid, be the beauty queen :-


Drinking small amounts of water causes a shortage of water in our body, the effect of which can be seen on the body as well as the skin. To maintain the glow of the skin, you should consume plenty of water every day.  Water is also a major element of our skin cells.

Just as we apply moisturizers to the skin to retain its external moisture, we should consume more and more water to provide moisture and nourishment to the skin.


Juices made from 100 percent fruits or vegetables provide vitamins in our body as well as provide nutrition to the skin. Besides being excellent in taste, the juice cleanses the skin deeply and removes toxins.


According to research, juices of dark-colored fruits are more beneficial for the body.  Pomegranate and blueberry juice contains a lot of beneficial anti-oxidant in our body and skin.  Beet juice is also very beneficial for health.

Choose the right liquid, be the beauty queen :-

 Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea is also known as Black Dragon Tea.  You will find this special type of tea in Chinese restaurants.  This tea contains plenty of polyphenols, which protect the skin from problems such as eczema and wrinkles.

Oolong tea is very effective in reducing signs of aging and controlling weight, such as dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles on the face.

Aloe vera juices

Along with eliminating redness and itching of the skin, aloe vera juice also acts as a medicine in other skin-related problems such as eczema, psoriasis.  There are countless benefits of aloe vera juice along with purification of blood, increasing digestion, effectiveness in arthritis, and increasing physical capacity.

Consuming one cup of aloe vera juice daily is effective in diagnosing many problems related to our health and skin.

Choose the right liquid, be the beauty queen :-

Green tea

Green tea is made from unbleached green leaves.  This is the reason why green tea contains high levels of polyphenols, a chemical compound whose pigments act as anti-aging to reduce wrinkles from the skin and give them photoprotection.

Green tea is also characterized by its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  Green tea is also good for hair.  If we talk about purity, there is no better than green tea in terms of purity in tea.

Choose the right liquid, be the beauty queen :-

 Black tea

Black tea is also made from leaves similar to green tea. Sweet tea, spicy, chocolate, etc. are different flavors of black tea. Strong antioxidants in black tea along with vitamins E and C reduce the symptoms of premature aging on the skin. Black tea acts as an agent that makes the face smooth and shiny. Drink it without milk for better results than black tea, as milk reduces its anti-oxidant properties.

 Do not consume them

Coffee: Due to the high amount of caffeine and sugar in the coffee, it causes acne and pimples on the skin.  The tannin present in coffee makes the skin dry.

Alcohol: Alcohol absorbs the moisture of the skin, causing skin loosening.  Many cocktails, daigurus, and margarita have high amounts of sugar, which causes skin damage.

Soda: The sugar and other ingredients in soda are harmful to our health.  Excess of soda reduces the level of water in the body.  As far as possible for the body and better health, we should avoid drinking soda.

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