pakshee aasan :-

Paksha aasan | Benefits of paksha aasan in diseases

pakshee aasan sits on the pedestal and touches the ground with its entire body, hence it is called bird posture. Control of the speed of breath is found with this asana, which is considered important for the accomplishment of yoga.

pakshee aasan :-

 pakshee aasan method:-

pakshee aasan on the ground with the help of hips on the floor by laying a mat or a mat. Now spread both legs on both sides as much as possible. In this position, keep the knees straight and taut. After this, spread both hands equally to the shoulders. After this, first, rotate the waist to the right and touch the right toe with the left hand.  Then bring the hand to the left and rotate the body from the waist to the left and touch the left toe with the right hand.  In this way, hold the left toe with the right hand and the right toe with the left hand and do this action 10 to 15 times while doing this action. After completion of this action, hold both toes with both hands and try to keep the head and chest close to the floor while exhaling.

 Benefits of paksha aasan in diseases:-

This asana brings flexibility to the body and makes the waist thin and flexible.  With its daily practice, the body can be easily folded around. By practicing this, the mind becomes concentrated and the speed of breath becomes low. At the beginning of this asana practice, the speed of breath is fast, but later the speed of breath decreases completely, which is important for yoga. This asana is beneficial for patients with the urinary disease and it eliminates piles. It cleans the stool, blood, metal, etc. of all the nerves from head to foot. This removes atherosclerosis disease of the arteries.  In this disease, there is an obstruction in the arteries, which reduces blood flow in the arteries. Women do this asana faster than men.

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