Buddha-padmasana :-

Buddha-padmasana | Benefit for doing Buddha-padmasana

 The Buddha-Padmasana is also called Bhasmasana.  In this posture, the body is tied with both hands and both feet in such a way that a rope is wrapped on a pole. The Buddha-Padmasana is also called Bhasmasana. In this posture, the body is tied with both hands and both feet in such a way that a rope is wrapped on a pole. That is why yogis have called it Buddha-Padmasana.  This asana is beneficial for the patient, healthy, yogi, etc. This asana is practiced in many ways and it is used in many diseases and compound actions.

Buddha-padmasana :-

 The method of performing Padmasana -

First method-

Always practice asana in a place with a clean environment and clean airflow.  For the Buddha-Padmasana, sit on the ground in a normal position by laying a mat or carriage on it. Now bend the right leg from the knees and place it on the joint of the thigh of the left leg. After that, bend the left leg also from the knees and keep it on the right place of the thigh of the right leg. After that, hold the right toe by bringing the left hand from the backside and hold the left toe by bringing the right hand from behind.  In this case, with the help of calves and backhands, a kind of cross will be formed. After coming to this state of Buddha-Padmasana, keep the entire body including the chest, head, and neck upright. Stretch the head and keep the eyes in the front. Now draw the breath in, take out the chest and pull the body upwards. Keep your eyes (eye) on the front of the nose. As long as it is possible to remain in the posture and do the breathing action in the normal state. Practice this asana also by changing the position of the feet.

 Second method-

Enlightenment: In this method of padmasana, keep the place and environment as before. Keep the position of hands and feet in it like the first position. In general, while exhaling slowly, try to attach the head or nose to the floor by gently tilting the body forward. After bending down, it is possible to stay in this position for as long as possible. Then slowly straighten up. You can also practice by changing the position of the foot to perform this asana.

 Precaution of Buddha-padmasana:-

 While applying the head down from the floor, do not be hasty, and try to keep the head slowly from the floor.

Buddha-padmasana :-

 Benefit for doing Buddha-padmasana:-

Digestion power is strengthened by this asana. Therefore yogis have also called it Bhasmasana.  In this posture, the whole body is stretched. This stretch stresses the stomach, chest, hands, and feet and is powerful and healthy (free from diseases).  It reduces obesity by reducing excess abdominal fat, which makes the waist thin, strong, and beautiful. This increases the beauty of the body.  It ends constipation and cures stomach diseases. Those who do not have open stool should wake up in the morning and do this asana before defecation. This brings the stool open and there is no need to sit for a long time during the procedure.

Many uterine diseases are cured by doing this asana to a pregnant woman.  After delivery, wrinkles, looseness, and tenderness on the skin of the stomach of the woman are eliminated by performing this asana.  With this asana, bone fever is cured and stomach diseases and colds never occur. After purifying the pulse by pranayama, doing this asana is beneficial. Due to its practice, one becomes one with life and soul, as a result of which the mind (mind) is concentrated and happy and the body remains light.  Yogi, bhogi, patient, and healthy person can do this asana.

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