naaditaan aasan ;-

Nandita aasan | Benefits in diseases from Asana

By doing this asana, there is elation and freshness in the body. This asana removes the tiredness of the body and accelerates blood circulation. This asana is a part of yoga asana, so all people can do it.

method of doing naaditaan aasan :-


Lie on your back by laying a mat on the floor. Keep a little distance between your two legs. After that, keeping both hands in the line of the chest, hold the fingers of both hands together, and keep the palm upwards. After this, stretch the hands upwards and the entire body including the feet. In this position, lie down for 30 seconds and then while exhaling, slowly move the hands on the stomach and then open the hands and spread them on the floor next to the body.  So that the body and breathing become normal. While pulling the body, keep the breath inward and hold it for as long as you can to hold the breath in. After this, leave the body fixed and do the Shavasana activity in the normal position by making the distance of the legs as before. In this way, do this action 3 to 5 times.

 Benefits in diseases from Asana:-

By practicing this asana, the body gets to stretch and stability, so removing this unnecessary stress of the body, it provides natural relief.  Body exhaustion is overcome by coercion. Therefore, this asana eliminates tiredness by removing the lack of body movements.  It cures blood pressure and the nervous system and cures laziness and depression.  This asana brings vitality to the body, increases stature, and gives biographical strength. They stress the disc, pelvis, intestine so that they are affected to a great extent.


 Important things to be noted:-

In this asana, the person should concentrate on making the back muscles flexible.

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