Ardha Kurmasan :-

Ardha Kurmasan | Benefits in diseases from posture

If there is difficulty in doing full koormasana, then practice semi-koormasana first.  Sit on the mat for posture.  Move the legs from the knees to the back. Now keep the knees on the ground and keep a distance between the ankles and sit on it with the feet together. After that, raise both hands by making a posture of salutation. Now, while breathing, slowly tilt the upper part of the waist and remove the head from between the two hands and rest it on the floor and keep the hands also on the floor. Stay in this position for some time and sit again, exhaling again.  Repeat this action 6 to 10 times.

Ardha Kurmasan :-

Precaution for doing Ardha Kurmasan. :-

This posture should not be done in the patient of back pain and neck pain. In this posture, focus on the lower joint of the spine and try to pull the life force upwards.

Benefits in diseases from posture:-

With this posture, the mind and senses concentrate and it is beneficial in awakening the Kundalini Shakti. It makes the spine strong. It ends knee pain and makes the shoulders, elbows, thighs, and knees powerful. In this posture, the pressure of elbows on the stomach cures all stomach diseases. This asana is more beneficial for stomach gas. This asana relieves constipation, reduces indigestion, eliminates diabetes, and brings urine openly.  Removing the defects of the lungs, heart, and kidneys, provides strength to them and makes the small intestine and stomach active.  For people who have thin and weak hands and feet, doing this asana is beneficial. It reduces excess cold.  By practicing this asana daily, the disease of hernia (intestinal discharge) is eliminated and the disease of intermittent urination also ends. This asana is beneficial in the correct development of the body by purifying the limbs. By doing this asana, fat is eliminated by eliminating excess abdominal fat. There is a solar cycle in the human's navel, which awakens with this posture and produces heat in the body. Therefore, doing this asana in winter is beneficial.

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