Beginning of Pranayama

These diseases are overcome by pranayama | Benefits of vascular purification

Pranayama occupies fourth place among the 8 organs of yoga. Pranayama has been considered the medicine of mind, brain, and body in Ayurveda. Charaka has considered Vayu as the master and the controller of the mind. According to Ayurveda, the air that is produced in the body is called Pranayama, which means its dimensions. Let's know how to do pranayama and which disease will be eradicated from pranayama ...

Beginning of Pranayama

It is important to know the five benefits of Pranayama:-

Beginning of Pranayama:-

While doing pranayama, do 3 actions- 1. Supplement, 2. Kumbha and 3. Rehak. This is called the Hathayogi practice, the Vritti Vritti, and the Vritti Vritti.

(1) poor-

That is, the action of inhaling at a controlled speed is called supplementation. When you inhale slowly or steadily both ways, it is necessary to have rhythm and proportion.

(2) Kumbha-

Kumbha is the process of keeping the inside breath in a hurry. The process of stopping the breath inside, leaving the inner Kumbhak and breathing out again, and not stopping again for some time is called the external Kumbha. It is also necessary to have rhythm and proportion.

 (3) recheck-

The action of exhaling the inhaled breath is called laxative.  When breathing exits either slowly or steadily, it is necessary to have rhythm and proportion.

By understanding the frequency of the supplement, Kumbhak, and laxative, by doing this pranayama daily, some diseases are cured.  After this, you add Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Sheetali, Sheetkari and Bhramari Pranayam.

Yoga Sutras, Yoga Darshan, Yogopanishad, Jabaladarshanopanishad, and Yogakudlyopanishad, etc. confirm that Yoga can be liberated from all kinds of diseases by regular practice of Pranayama.

According to the Yogakudlyopanishad, all diseases related to pranayama, glum, ascites, spleen, and stomach are completely eliminated.  4 types of Vata dosha and worm dosha can also be destroyed by pranayama.  It also cures diseases of brain heat, phlegm of the throat, fever of bile, excessive thirst, etc.

Beginning of Pranayama

Benefits of vascular purification:

Regular practice of pulse treatment keeps the brain calm and eliminates all kinds of worries.  Blood circulation starts properly after 3 times of pulse treatment. Diseases like deafness and paralysis also disappear with their regular practice. This increases the level of oxygen in the body.

Benefits of Bhastrika:

Blood purifies by doing Bhastrika Pranayam 5 minutes daily.  Colds and colds disappear.  The brain again receives energy.

 Kapalbhati Pranayama:

Diseases like gas, constipation, diabetes, obesity remain away from Kapalbhati and there is a strong presence on the mouth.

 Bahm Pranayama:

By doing external pranayama 5 times, the restlessness of the mind disappears.  In addition, gastritis is illuminated by removing abdominal diseases.


Headache is cured by taking 10 minutes of anulom-antonyms.  Negative thinking increases joy and enthusiasm by removing the mind.

Bhramari Pranayama:

By doing Bhramari 11 times, where stress is relieved, there is benefit in blood pressure and heart disease.  It also provides relief in insomnia.

Ujjayi Pranayama:

By brightening 5 times, the phlegm is diagnosed and the throat becomes sweet.  It is also beneficial in cold and cold. Stuttering is cured by its regular practice.


Paris is cured by performing 11 times and no tooth disease occurs.


With this pranayama, diseases like bile, phlegm, and indigestion disappear very soon. According to yoga science, regular practice of this pranayama for a long time also does not affect the person's poison.  Hunger and thirst can be controlled by cooling 11 times and biliary diseases including diseases of the mouth and throat are also eradicated. This keeps the body cool.

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