Five types of vaayu :-

Five types of Vaayu | Vaayu doing Benefits

Prana means according to yoga that keeps our body alive.  Under the body, some people consider this air to be the soul only by saying life.  The main place of this air is in the heart.

By understanding the movement of this air well, one who takes it, he knows the secret of living long.  Because air itself has the ability to convert the substance inside the body into nectar or poison.

Know the meaning of 'life' above and now know the meaning of dimension.  Dimension has two meanings - First

Control or stop, the second expansion, and direction.  When a person is born, he takes deep breaths and when he dies, he exits completely.  The soul goes into the same dimension from which it comes.

When we inhale, the air or air going in is divided into five parts, or say that it becomes fixed and situated five places inside the body.  But she stays motionless by being stable and stable.

Five types of vaayu :-

These Panchakas are - (1) Vyan, (2) samaan, (3) Apan, (4) Udaan and (5) Prana.

Due to this five-way change of air, the person's consciousness remains awake, memories are safe, digestion keeps going right and blood flows in the heart.  It is because of this that thoughts of the mind keep changing or remain constant.

If there is a problem in any one of the above, then all the places are affected by it and from this, the body, mind, and consciousness also fall from disease and grief.  The mind-brain, fat-meat, intestine, kidneys, brain, respiratory tract, nervous system, and blood, etc. are all purified and strengthened by pranayama.  By keeping it under control, the mind and body remain in control.

 1.Vyan: Meaning of Vyan which acts as lard and meat.

  1. Samaan: The work of air maintaining the same equilibrium is in the bone. Balance is also formed by bones.

 3.Apan: Apan means the air going down.  It is in the juice of the body.

  1. Udaan: Udaan means the air to carry upwards. It occurs in our nervous system.
  2. Praan: Pran Vayu shows the condition of our body. This air is basically in the blood.


 While doing pranayama or breathing we do three actions- 1. Toorak 2. Kumbha 3. Rehak.

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