Tittibhasan ( firefly pose )

Tittibhasan ( firefly pose ) | Benefits in diseases from Tittibhasan ( firefly pose )

In this posture, the shape of the body becomes similar to that of Tittibha. Tittibha is a type of bird that keeps its feet up, so this posture is named Tittibhasana. By doing this asana, the whole body gets strength. It is indeed a difficult task and to get into the firefly posture and to be able to do it completely and flawlessly, takes a lot of practice and mastery over the Titibhasana.  As a beginner, you need to make a little adjustment until you get it right. Sit on the floor and make a 90-degree angle with your legs spread out in front of you. Then raise your heel high on a block and press your palms between your legs on the floor. You can move the posture upwards with this changed posture.

Tittibhasan ( firefly pose )

Method for doing Tittibhasan ( firefly pose ):-

Practice this asana in a cool and clean ventilated place. For the posture, first, sit down in the normal position. After this, spread both legs in front and keep the knees absolutely straight. Place the palms of both hands on the floor. After that, while putting the weight of the entire body on both the palms, lift the body slowly till both the hands become absolutely straight. Keep both legs straight and upward. It is possible to stay in this posture for as long as possible. After this, slowly comes back to normal.

Benefits in diseases from Tittibhasan ( firefly pose ):-

With this asana, the bones of the whole body are strengthened and the muscles become tighter.  Simple diseases in the body disappear by this asana.  It increases physical strength and increases physical, mental, and spiritual strength and intelligence. The body weight is concentrated on the arms and pressurizes the muscles of the shoulders, arms, and wrists. This enhances muscle endurance thereby making them stronger. Tittiasana is an intense balancing posture that exerts pressure on the wrists, arms, shoulders. The body is lifted off the ground and balanced against gravity. This practice opens the mind by making the practitioner mindful. This mindful practice helps in gaining an overall sense of balance and also brings calm to the mind. Hence, mental as well as physical balance is gained.

Tittibhasan ( firefly pose )

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