Titalee aasan (Butterfly pose ):-

Title aasan (Butterfly pose ) | Benefits in Asana by Disease

During the practice of this asana, the posture of a person becomes like a butterfly, hence it is called butterfly posture. To meditate for a long time in yoga, sitting for long periods of time is necessary. Therefore, to sit in a posture for a long time, it is necessary to strengthen the muscles of the feet. Butterfly posture should be practiced to strengthen the leg muscles.

Titalee aasan (Butterfly pose ):-

Method of doing title aasan  (Butterfly pose ):-

For this posture, sit down by laying down a carpet or a sheet.  Now bend both legs from knees towards the body.  After this, join the soles parallel to each other by joining the paws and heel of both feet. Now bring the ankles as close to the body as possible.  Then, by holding the fingers of both hands together, hold the claws and gently press down the knees with elbows.  After this, release the claws and press both knees down with both hands, and then release. Then once the knees are up, press it down again.  In this way, do this action 20 to 25 times.

 Precaution of doing title aasan (Butterfly pose ):-

While practicing this asana, concentrate your attention on the knees and thighs. People who have knee injuries should not practice this asana. If you have a groin injury you should not practice this asana. Make sure that your spine is erect while performing this asana. Make sure that your spine is erect while doing this asana. People who have knee injuries should not practice this asana. If you have a back injury, you should not practice this asana. If you are not able to touch your knees on the ground, do not force yourself, give your body some time to adjust the posture.

Titalee aasan (Butterfly pose ):-

 Benefits in Asana by Disease:-

The practice of this asana strengthens the muscles of the feet and this asana is more beneficial for long-term meditation practice.  Due to this, blood flow in the feet is good. It is beneficial in curing diseases like arthritis, joint pain, etc.

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