Kevali kumbhak pranayama :-

Kevali kumbhak pranayama | Benefit of doing Kevali kumbhak pranayama

Kelli Kumbhak Pranayama does not have to be cultivated, but it is also important to meditate. Swimmers try to do it unknowingly, yet if they do it properly then the swim speed and stamina can increase further.

Kelli Pranayama is called the King of Kumbhakas. Kelli pranayama starts happening automatically by practicing all other pranayams. But even then the seeker can seek it if he wants to practice it. This Kelli Pranayama is also called Yogacharya Platini Pranayama. However, there is another way to do Platini Pranayama.

Kevali kumbhak pranayama :-

Kevin's method:- Sit in Siddhasana in a clean and suitable environment.  Now slowly pull the air from both the nostrils and fill it completely in the stomach including the lungs. After this, stop breathing as per capacity. Then exhale slowly through both nasal cavities, that is, take out the air.  You can do this action any number of times according to your ability.

Second method

Breathing in a normal state without doing purgative and parka, stop breathing in the same condition. Then whether the breath is going in or out.  Kelli pranayama is to hold the breaths for some time.


After regular practice of this pranayama, what is obtained in Phalarupa is Kumbhak only. The specialty of this Kumbhak is that this Kumbhak takes place on its own and lasts for a long time.  When it is supplemented, when laxative, it is not known.

By practicing this, his breath becomes so long and dull that it is not even known when a person exhales.  Only after this is proved, Yogis sit in samadhi for hours.  It prevents hunger and thirst.

Kevali kumbhak pranayama :-

The benefit of doing Kevali kumbhak pranayama:-

This pranayama improves digestion by eliminating constipation.  Due to this, the life force gets purified and lifespan  It is also capable of keeping the mind stable and calm.  This develops memory. This allows the person to control hunger, and the swimmer can move hands and feet in water for hours.

With the perfection of this pranayama, the person gets determination and self-control.  He becomes a restraint in all senses. The wishes of such a person begin to be fulfilled.  Siddhis can also be attained through this.

 Precaution of Kevali kumbhak pranayama :-

Practice this only in the association of a yoga teacher.

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