Sankatasana | Benefits of this Sankatasana

This asana is also called apex padmasana.  In this posture, the hands and feet of the person are wrapped like a rope, hence it is called Sankatasana. There are 2 methods of practicing this asana, which is done by creating different positions.


 Method of practicing Sankatasana: -

 first position-

For crisis, first, stand up straight.  Keep your body and head, arms, and neck absolutely straight.  Now keep the left foot straight and wrap the right leg like a rope (turn the right leg from the left side of the left leg to the right side).  Now, raise both your hands up and wrap it like a rope. After this, while stretching the hands while stretching the body, stretch the body and breathe normally and release. Thus, it is possible to stay as long as possible in this situation.  Then open the bonds of hands and feet and come back to normal. Then keep this right leg straight and wrap the left leg up and repeat this action again. Do this activity alternately with both feet and keep hands wrapped like a rope-like before.

 Second position: -


 After practicing the first method, practice the second method.  For this practice, first, stand up straight and keep your head neck, and back straight.  Then, keeping the left leg straight, wrap the right leg like a rope over it.  Then bend the left leg slowly from the knees and put the weight of your entire body on the left foot and sit in such a way as to sit on the chair.  After that, spread your hands straight towards the front and keep both palms together (in salutations posture). Keeping the normal breathing and exhalation activity, stay in this way for some time, and then come back to the actual position. In this way, do this asana with the other leg as well. Do this exercise with both feet 5-5 times and keep the hands in the same posture as before.



Precaution of doing Sankatasana:-

Balance has special significance in the practice of these two asanas.  There is difficulty in practicing this asana in the beginning.  Practice this under the supervision of a yoga teacher.


 Benefits of this Sankatasana: -

By practicing both the asanas, the muscles of the spinal cord, arms and legs are strengthened and strengthened. It removes tiredness of the feet and back pain.  It removes stones and hernias.  Due to its practice, the excess fat of the buttocks reduces and makes the waist thin and beautiful. This makes hands, legs, thighs, knees, etc. strong and powerful. It removes the tremors of the arms and legs and thighs.  This asana improves shape by removing fat from the thigh and calf and eliminates weakness.  This asana is more beneficial for those who dance.

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