Asana method

Upavistasana | Benefits in diseases from upvistasana

Practice Upavistasana posture by laying down a carpet or a mat in a clean and airy place.  For the posture, first, sit down. Spread both legs in the armpits as much as possible.

Asana method

 Asana method

Practice Upavistasana posture by laying down a carpet or a mat in a clean and airy place. For the posture, first, sit down.  Spread both legs in your armpits as much as possible and keep both knees absolutely straight. Then taking a deep breath, bending to the right, hold the toes of the feet with both hands. Then, while bending the head slowly forward, keep the head with the right knee and hold it for as long as possible to hold the breath. Then while exhaling, slowly come back to normal and breathe normally. Now do this action by bending to the left. After doing this action from both sides, while exhaling, bend forward and spread both hands, grab the toes of both feet and try to keep the head on the floor. In order to stop breathing, first stop as much as possible and gradually increase its practice to 1 minute. In this way, do this action 2 to 3 times.

Precaution of doing Upavistasana:-

Initially, during the practice of this asana, if it is difficult to hold the head in the knees or in front of the floor, then try to keep the knee as early as possible and try to complete this asana slowly. In this posture, spread your legs as much as possible.

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