Surya Bhedan pranayama :-

Surya Bhedan pranayama | Benefit for doing Surya Bhedan pranayama

In this, supplements are done from the right nostril. The right nostril is thought to be associated with the Surya Nadi. This is called Surya Swara. For this reason, its name is Surya Bhan Pranayama. Suryabhan is a breathing technique from Kumbhak Pranayama, one of the eight Mahakumbhas. Where Surya means Surya or Surya Channel (Pingala). And the word "sheep and" means to pierce or penetrate or break through something.

Method of Surya Bhedan  pranayama :-

While sitting in any Sukhasana, keeping the spine straight, make the Pranav mudra from the right and keep the finger on the right nostril, then close the left nostril and perform the complementary action by inflating the stomach and chest from the right nostril. After performing Kumbhak as per Kumbhak, the bandhs are removed and luxate from the left nostril.

Initially, the complement, the laxative, and the Kumbha do it in one, four, and two rushes. Later, gradually increase to supplement-15, Kumbha-60, and laxative-30 in rushes. Do two laxatives and four times Kumbhak from the rashes i.e. any time you supplement. For example, if you supplement 15 seconds, do 60 seconds of Kumbha and then make 30 seconds.

Benefit for doing Surya Bhedan  pranayama :-


The regular practice of Suryabhedana Pranayama generates heat inside the body.  This pranayama should be practiced during winter, which is beneficial in phlegm-related diseases. This pranayama is also beneficial for the eyes, cough, asthma, sinus, lungs, heart, and piles. Its practice calms the mind and relieves sleepiness from the brain. It helps in communicating positive thoughts.  Especially, it gives the right dimension to sex energy.

Precaution of doing Surya Bhedan pranayama:-

Do not overinflate the stomach and chest while supplementing. Perform supplementary action by controlling your breath. While doing the supplementary laxative, there should not be a sound of breathlessness. Do not do pranayama in a closed room nor in the fan.  There should be a place of a clean environment for practicing Pranayama.

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