Malasan | Benefit for doing malasan


 Massana is also known as Upvesana or Garland Pose. This is, simply, a slut. Squatting comes naturally for children and people working in the fields. However, desk jobbers have lost practice and find it painful and inconvenient to do it.  But this should not discourage you from performing this asana as it is actually most beneficial for those who have a sedentary lifestyle. Mal  Asana means that in which condition we sit while taking out the stool, it is called Malasana. This sitting position is very beneficial for the stomach and back. There is also another method of Malasana, but an introduction to the general method here.

 Method for doing Malayan:-

Start with squatting.  As you do this, keep your feet close to each other, support your heel on the floor or on the ground.

Spread your thighs, keeping them slightly wider than your torso.

Exhale and bend forward so that your torso is stuck between your thighs.

Bring your palms to the Anjali posture, and press your elbows against the inner thighs.  Doing this will help you expand the front section of your torso.


Press the inner thighs against the side of the torso.  Then, stretch your arms, and rotate them in such a way that your calves fit in the armpits.  Hold your ankles.

Hold the pose for a few seconds.  Inhaling and exhaling.


 Benefit for doing Malazan:-

With Massana, the pain of knees, joints, back, and abdomen ends, and their pain is eradicated. This also leads to the diagnosis of constipation and gas. Malazan extends the thighs, waist, hips, ankles, and torso.  It tones the abdominal muscles and improves the function of the colon to help with elimination.  This pose also increases circulation and blood flow to the pelvis, which can help regulate sexual energy.  Malaysian improves balance, concentration, and meditation.  Malasana is particularly beneficial for women who become pregnant, as it may aid later childbirth.

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