Supt Pawan Muktasan

Supt Pawan Muktasan | Benefits in Supt Pawan Muktasan by disease

Supt Pawan Muktasan

In the dormant Pawan Muktasana, all the air from the heart to the stomach is taken out.  Hence it is called Supt Pawan Muktasana.  This asana is done in two ways. In the dormant Pawan Muktasana, all the air from the heart to the stomach is taken out. Hence it is called Supt Pawan Muktasana. This asana is done in two ways.

 2 methods of doing the asana

The first method-In the sleeping Pawan Muktasana, first of all, lie down on the mat. Keep both legs spread straight in front of you. Now bend your right leg towards the head by bending from the knee and keep the fingers of both your hands together and keep the knees in the middle of it. Now slowly bring the knees towards the mouth as much as possible and try to touch the nose with your knees by raising your head above the floor. Stay in this position for 2 minutes. Finally, by pulling the breath in, bring the head and feet back to normal, exhale the breath. Do this process with the left leg also. Perform this action 10-10 times with both feet.

Second method-

You can also do this Pawan Muktasana with both feet.  For this, bring both your legs towards the head by bending from the knees and keep the fingers of both hands in between the hands by holding the fingers together. Now pull the knees up with the help of hands and lift the head up and try to put the knees in the nose. After staying in this position for some time, breathe in and keep the head straight and release the breath. In this way, do this action 3 times.

 The verb for special benefit:-

 After doing the second method, you can also do this method if you want.  Raise your entire body upwards with your head and shoulders on the ground by holding your two hands together like before and keeping your knees in the middle. Stay in this position for some time and come back to normal. After this, hold the knees in the same way and turn on the right side, then turn on the left side. In this action, while moving on the right side, but the mouth on the left side (on the shoulder) and while turning on the left side, but the mouth on the right side (shoulder).

Supt Pawan Muktasan


Individuals with flat stomachs may have trouble doing sleep Pawan Muktasana. Initially, if the knee is not able to be placed on the nose or chin, then in such a situation, take the knees as close to the head as possible. The obese person should perform a right-left and up-down posture by tying both knees.

 Caution of Supt Pawan Muktasan :-

 Do this posture comfortably and take as much knee as possible on the first day.  People who have complaints of waist and neck pain should not practice this asana.

Benefits in Supt Pawan Muktasan by disease: -

Pawan Muktasana strengthens muscles and the spinal cord. It cures lung and heart disorders. This asana removes physical and mental fatigue and is also a beneficial asana for the intellectuals. This posture speeds up the flow of blood and laziness is removed.  This asana frees air from the body by eliminating air outbreaks and over burping.  By sitting for several hours continuously at one place through this asana, glands, numbness of the body, and jhannahat are cured. This asana is more beneficial for the patient of diabetes. This reduces belly fat and all the diseases of constipation, bloating, acidity, and stomach are cured.  By doing this asana, the pancreas becomes active, the digestive system is cured, the stiffness, tension, fatigue, and diseases of the body (asthma) are cured. This asana removes piles and by doing 1 glass of water in the morning, doing this asana helps in defecation, etc. Women who have gone ahead after delivery should do this asana.  Keep in mind that if the body remains healthy after one month of delivery, do this asana.

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