Precaution of doing Pawan Muktasan

Pawan Muktasan | Benefits for doing Pawan Muktasan

Pawan Muktasan


 The contaminated air of the body is freed by Pawan Muktasana. That is why it is called Pawan Muktasana. This posture is mainly one of the postures lying on the back, but it is also done sitting.

 Method for Pawan Muktasan :-

It is a reclining posture.  First, lie down in the state of death.  Then close both the legs to each other.  Now close your hands at the waist.  Then bend the knees and rest the claws on the ground.  After this, keep both contiguous knees on the chest slowly.  Make hands scissors and hold the knees.

Then while exhaling, raise the head above the ground and join the chin to the knees.  Press the knees towards the chest with palms made by hand scissors.

 Staying in this position for 10 to 30 seconds, keep the head first on the ground to return again.  Then, opening the scissors of the hands, place the hands on the ground, then return to the position of resuscitation keeping the feet on the ground.  Do this 2-4 times.

This asana is done with one foot first, similarly with the other foot.  Finally, this exercise is done with both feet simultaneously.  It completed one cycle.  In this way, 3 to 4 cycles can be done, but most do this practice with both feet.

Precaution of doing Pawan Muktasan

 Benefits for doing Pawan Muktasan:-

This asana is very good for abdominal air disorders.  Gynecology is also beneficial for epilepsy, dysmenorrhea, and uterine diseases.  It is also shown to be beneficial in acidity, heart disease, arthritis, and sciatica.  This posture reduces increased abdominal fat.  Sufficient benefits are found in slip disc, sciatica, and back pain.

Precaution of doing Pawan Muktasan:-

Do not do this asana if you have more pain in your waist or abdomen. If there is general pain, then do not raise the nose from the knee by raising the head for convenience. Only touch the chest by pressing the feet.

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