Hansasana | Benefits of diseases by practicing asana

Caution of Hansasana

During the practice of Hansasana posture, the balance of the entire body of the person has to be done on both palms. In its practice, the condition of the body is similar to that of the swan, because it is called Hansasana. During the practice of Hansasana posture, the balance of the entire body of the person has to be done on both palms. In its practice, it is called Hansasana because the body's position is similar to that of a swan.

 Method of the practice of Hansasana:-

It is beneficial to do this asana in a ventilated room or in an open space.  It is necessary to have a clean environment for this asana.  Sit on your knees by laying a mat for your posture. Now keep both hands on the floor in front. Keep the fingers forward and fingers open. Keep a distance of 10 inches between both hands. Now bend the knees forward and the elbows backward. After that, while exhaling slowly, raise the back part of your body by emphasizing both palms and balance by placing the entire weight of the body on the palms.  Now make the body shape like a bird by tilting the neck forward.  Stay in this position for 10 to 30 seconds and do this action 2 to 3 times. Initially, this practice is difficult, but it becomes easier by practicing daily.

Caution of Hansasana

Caution of Hansasana:-

It is difficult to practice this asana in the beginning.  Do all the actions of this asana slowly and do breathing and exhaling normally.

 Benefits of diseases by practicing asana:-

This posture strengthens the muscles of the hands and feet and reduces neck fatness.  This makes the chest strong, athletic, and wide and makes the body powerful.  This asana brings a sharp, glow to the face, and freshness and freshness in the body. The vascular system (nervous system) starts functioning properly, thereby speeding up blood circulation (blood flow). It reduces obesity by reducing abdominal fat. This keeps the lungs clean and more active. It removes obstruction of stool and urine and eliminates diseases like stomach pain, back pain, back pain, rib pain, and pleurisy.

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