between Ardhanadurasana and Purna Dhanurasana.

Purna Dhanurasana | Benefits of doing Purna Dhanurasana

Purna Dhanurasana

 In this, the shape of the body becomes like a fully drawn bow, hence it is called complete Dhanurasana. There is not much difference between Ardhanadurasana and Purna Dhanurasana. It is also commonly called Dhanurasana, but when this posture is proved by constant effort, it appears like a complete Dhanurasana, that is, like a fully drawn bow and arrow.

Method for Purna Dhanurasana :-

Lie on your stomach in the state of Makarasana. Then, with the two legs together, join hands with the waist.  Keep the chin on the ground. Heel-toes and knees are joined. Elbows should be close to the waist, keep the palms facing up.

Now bend the legs from the knees. Then hold the toe tightly with both hands. Then, while stretching the arms and legs, raise the knee also. Move the head back to the soles of the feet. The burden of the entire body should remain above the navel region.  Stay in this position for 10 to 30 seconds by doing Kumbha.

To come back, first, lie down on the ground with the chin resting on the ground and hands slowly in parallel order, and then back to the position of makarasana. Do a second reaction when breathing is normal. In this way, do it 3-4 times as convenient.

Purna Dhanurasana

 Caution for Purna Dhanurasana :-

People who have spinal problems or dicks should not do this asana.  Do not do this asana even if there is a serious stomach disease.

Benefits of doing Purna Dhanurasana :-

Dhanurasan reduces stomach fat. This allows the exercise of all internal organs, muscles, and joints. This asana balances energy in the body.  Makes the heart strong. All diseases of the throat are destroyed. Digestion increases. Gastritis is illuminated by eliminating constipation.

Breathing goes on systematically. Makes the spinal cord flexible and healthy. Cervical, spondylitis, back pain, and abdominal diseases are beneficial postures. It is beneficial for women with menstrual disorders.  Strengthens the kidneys and removes urinary disorders.

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