Benefits of doing Padahastasan

Padahastasan | Benefits of doing Padahastasan


In this posture, we hold the thumb of our feet with both hands, the ankles of the feet are also caught.  Since this asana is done by holding the feet with hands, it is called Padahastasana.  This asana is done by standing.

Method of Padahastasan :-

This asana is done by standing. First, stand in a careful posture keeping the shoulders and spine straight. Then both hands are lifted up slowly. Bringing the hands in the direction of the shoulders, while pressing the shoulders slightly forward, then the hands are raised above the head. Keep in mind that the shoulders are adjacent to the ears.

Then the palms of the hand are performed in the front. When the arms rise parallels to each other, then slowly starting to keep the waist straight, inhaling downwards while inhaling. While bending, make sure that the shoulders remain adjacent to the ears.

Then, keeping the knees straight, then both the palms of the hands meet the heel-paws and try to touch the forehead with the knee by holding both feet tightly near the ankle.  Keep breathing in this position. This position is also called the third position of Surya Namaskar. Stay in this position for 30-40 seconds according to convenience.

To come back, slowly rise from this position and come back to the resting position after standing in a standing posture and re-joining hands. Try this exercise again after taking a few moments. By doing this 5 to 7 times, this asana is effective.

Caution for doing Padahastasan:-

Do not do this asana in case of any complaint in the spinal cord as well as any serious stomach disease.

Benefits of doing Padahastasan

 Benefits of doing Padahastasan:-

This asana is particularly good for the urinary system, uterus, and genitourinary secretions.  It also removes complaints of constipation.  It makes the back and spine strong and flexible and strengthens the muscles of the thighs and calves.  Almost all the disorders of the intestines and stomach are overcome by regularizing this asana.  This increases their force due to the stretch of Sushumna pulse.

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