Types of yoga

Types of yoga | best types for yoga

Types of yoga

There are many different types of yoga, in fact, six types of yoga are traditionally practiced, as well as a new type, Bikram Yoga, which has been growing in popularity recently.

There are six traditional types of yoga.

1) hath

2) raaj

3) karm

4) bhakti

5) gyaan

6) tantr

 Hatha Yoga |  Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is popular in Western countries. In Sanskrit "ha" means "sun" and "DHA" means "moon".There are two important principles on which hatha yoga is based

1) Meditation - Find the position (Asana) in meditation that is most comfortable for you and in which you can stay longer while meditating.  Many people find Padmasana particularly useful for meditation.

 2) Improvement of energy within the body - Yoga improves the flow of energy in the body, doing it improves health.

Hatha Yoga Pradeepika - The book covers all subjects, especially Pranayama, recitation, Purvakava and Kumbhak, Chakra, Kundalini and many more.



  Raj Yoga |  Raj Yoga

 Raj Yoga is similar to Hatha Yoga.  Raj is considered to be slightly more difficult than other forms of yoga, as it requires more discipline and control than other yogasanas.  Raja Yoga focuses on concentration, meditation, and discipline of mind and body.

There are eight parts of Raj Yoga:

 1) naitik anushaasan

2)  aatm sanyam

3) ekaagrata

4) dhyaan

5) saans niyantran

6) mudra

7) sanvedee avarodh

8) paramaanand

The aim of Raja Yoga is to control thoughts and calm the mind so that self-awareness can be achieved in the end.

 Karma yoga |  Karma yoga

 Karma yoga means selfless karma.  To do Karma Yoga, you have to surrender yourself to the service of man and humanity.  Karma Yoga is based on Hinduism and was founded by Bhagavad Gita.  The main purpose of this type of yoga is to purify the mind and heart to get rid of negative energy and negative thinking.  This shows that Karma Yoga is more spiritual than physical.

There are 9 principles of devotion, which are followed.


2) prashansa

3) smaran

4) pada-seva

5) pooja

6) vandana

7) daasy

8) sakha

9) aatm-nivedana

 Jnana yoga |  Knowledge yoga

Jnana Yoga draws out negative energy from the mind.  This type of yoga brings knowledge.

There are three main principles of Jnana Yoga:

1) aatmabodh

2) ahankaar ko hataane

3) aatmaanubhooti

These principles help the yogi to gain real knowledge or truth about his life.

Tantra Yoga |  Tantra yoga

Tantra means "expansion".  The purpose of Tantra Yoga is to expand your mind so that you can reach all levels of consciousness.  It is used to awaken the real soul. Tantra yoga is for married couples to enhance their sexuality and to have a special kind of engagement in their relationship.  But it can also be done individually, which is called Kundalini Yoga.

It is not specifically about sex, but it is a part of it.  It is also about acquiring knowledge and transcending oneself through many rituals.

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