Uttanapadasana | Best tips Advantage of doing Uttanapadasana


First of all, we know what is the meaning of Uttanapadaasana. Uttan means uplifted and foot means foot. In this posture, the legs are lifted up on the back of the back, which is why it has been given this name.  Uttanapadasana Yoga is a very important yoga practice. Uttanapadasana plays an important role in reducing abdominal fat and getting the stomach in. This asana is so powerful that by practicing it regularly, abs are formed in the body. It is also called Raised Feet yoga. This asana makes the intestines strong and healthy and removes constipation, gas, obesity, etc., and illuminates gastritis. Avoiding navel is also useful in heart disease, stomachache, and respiratory disease. It is especially beneficial in back pain when done with one foot respectively.

Method of Uttanapadasana :-

Lie on the mat with your back to the floor. Keep your feet and knees together. While breathing, touch the paws and heel of both feet together and move the paws of both feet upwards. At an angle of about 45 to 60 degrees. You can do up to 60 degrees or even 90 degrees, but do not bend the knees while raising the feet. While exhaling, bring your feet back to the floor. Do this procedure 3-5 times.



If you have stomach or back pain, do not practice it. Cervical, spondylitis patients should not do this asana.  Experts say that if you are going to be a mother or you are having menstruation, then avoid it. Those who suffer from diseases like slip discs and high blood pressure are advised not to practice it.

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