The advantage of doing Tadasana

Tadasana | best advantage of doing Tadasana

Method of doing Tadasan

Tadasana yoga is less praised. This makes the whole body flexible as well as prevents it from becoming stiff and stiff. It is a yoga practice that builds flexibility not only to the muscles but also to the small muscles. And in this way, the body plays a very big role in lightening and relaxing and loosening of joints. This yoga practice not only keeps you fit but also gives your body shape and beauty. The extra fat that is deposited in the body melts and brings a new glow to your personality. Along with the benefits, there are some precautions

Method of doing Tadasana:-

Combine the two toes or stand 10 cm apart between them, and keep the arms next to you. Stabilize the body and distribute the body weight evenly on both legs. Raise the arms above the head. Keep the palms facing up, with the fingers stuck together. Place the eyes at a point on the wall slightly above the head level. Keep your eyes fixed at this point during the practice. Stretch and stretch the arms, shoulders, and chest upwards. Come on the toes of the feet so that both the heels are up. Stretch the entire body from top to bottom, without balance and without moving the legs. Keep breathing and stay in this posture for a few seconds. It can be difficult to maintain balance initially but it will become easier with practice. To get out of the pedestal, do all the steps in reverse order. This is a cycle. Rest for a few seconds before the next cycle. Practice 5 to 10 cycles.

The advantage of doing Tadasana

The advantage of doing Tadasana:-

Its practice actually benefits your whole body and mind. While performing this asana, you have to be stable on the ground and connect to the earth so that energy can flow in the body.  Tadasana yoga

What should be kept in mind while doing Tadasana:-The most important thing to keep in mind while doing yoga is that your stomach should be empty. This means that yoga should be done only after 5 or 6 hours of having a meal. The best time to do yoga is morning. There should be no physical stress to do yoga. One should always do yoga mats or uni asanas. One should never do yoga in an empty land.

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