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The name of this asana is Mahavirasana, it is being known by its name that while using this asana, the shape of your body starts to appear like a forceful human, hence it is called Mahavirasana. The Mahavirasana mentioned in yoga is ayogasana.  Pawanaputra Hanuman, who is especially the god of force and intellect, has a name called Mahavira. Just like him, this posture is also a treasure of power. Hence it is known as Mahavirasana. Apart from this, people also know it by the name of "Maruti Asan". Its practice evokes a sense of valor and might in the seeker.

Method of mahavirasana :-

For the practice of Mahavirasana, first of all, lay a yoga mat on flat ground and stand upright.  Now bring your left foot forward and stand on your knees as per your ability and keep the knee of your right foot backward.  Keep in mind that both your legs should be from the ground. After this, close the fingers of both hands and lift them upwards parallel to your head. Keep your eyes in front of the sight. Keep your mouth closed, draw breath through your nose, inflate the abdomen, and let the breath come out when the action is over. While doing this asana, dilute your entire body and chest in such a way that there will be less blood on your face. After being in this position for 2 minutes, slowly bring both your legs to the same place and relax.


The advantage of doing mahavirasana:-Practicing this asana daily keeps the entire body strong. Due to its practice, pranavayu flows naturally in the body. It increases the functionality of the lungs and makes the chest wider and stronger. Its regular practice is helpful in reducing weight by eliminating obesity. It increases height and keeps the body light. Its regular practice increases blood circulation in the body and purifies the blood. It is a very beneficial asana for improving anatomy.

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