Method of performing Mahavir asan

Mahavirasana | Benefits of doing Mahavir asana

Method of performing Mahavir asana:-

This asana is also called Maruti Asana. The word Mahavirasana comes from Sanskrit origin. It is a combination of three words.  Where the first word Maha means great, the second word Veer means warrior, and the third word Asana means yoga posture. This is why it is called The Warrior in English. According to experts, this asana is considered best when yogis practice early in the morning. Along with digesting food, the body also gets the energy to do asanas. For some reason, you cannot practice it in the morning, you can practice this asana in the evening. But at least keep a gap of 3-5 hours between your exercise and meals.

Method of performing Mahavir asana:-

Stand up straight.  Raise your right foot and place it in front of you as much as possible with the left toes and stand on the toes.  Both feet should be in a straight line.  Bend the right knee. Raise your right hand and bend the elbow. With the palm facing up, bend the wrist. Move your left arm backward, bending the spine at the waist, and bend the elbow and arm at the wrist while keeping the palm upward.  Now raise the right heel and start bending and swinging down and down from the right knee.  Stop and stay in the posture for 10 seconds. Repeat in the opposite direction, and hold the pose for 10 seconds. Bring both feet together and lie in Shaiva's posture for about 2 minutes.

Benefits of doing Mahavir asana:-


This yoga asana helps to reduce excess abdominal fat by toning the abdominal muscles. Harmful substances stored inside the body come out. Apart from this, this asana works to massage the abdominal muscles. The process of breathing and exhaling during this asana reduces stress and anxiety and provides relief to the brain. This asana is very beneficial in back pain and shoulder pain (sciatica, slip disc, cervical pain, and frozen shoulder).  By this, the muscles and nerves of the back get action.

What should be kept in mind while doing Mahavir posture:-

Do not do full belly yoga. Yoga should be done only after a gap of about 3 hours between yoga and eating. Vajrasana is the only posture that can be performed even after a meal. While doing yoga, you should start with easy asanas and then move to difficult asanas. If we start doing hard yoga without

preparing the body, then there is a fear of getting hurt. During yoga, our body becomes warm after physical activity, drinking cold water should be avoided during this time so that complaints of colds, phlegm, and allergies can be avoided.

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