Santulasan | Advantage of doing Santulasan

Santulasan :-

Coming to the "balancing posture" is Santhosolana, commonly referred to as the plank of the hand. This asana can be found in gyms, weight training sessions, yoga studios, and cross-fit sessions.  For me, this is a full-body workout.  But, it really builds arm strength. Practicing Santolanasana strengthens the core and arms.  A strong core is essential to a strong back and it uses your bodyweight to brace the shoulders and arms. Creating balance in this asana also helps in toning. People of the city have also started doing advanced level yoga. A quick balance posture is one such asana.  International Yoga Specialist Dr. According to Anand Bhartiya, this asana considered extremely difficult has many benefits.  In summer, freshness is achieved by balancing the posture for 5 to 25 seconds.  Even 10 seconds is enough.

Method of Santayana:-Standing above the right foot, bend the left leg with the knee.  Bring the heel of the left foot closer to the hip.  If the heel cannot be brought closer to the hip due to knee pain, bend the foot as backward as possible. Hold the claws of the left leg with the right hand and hold all the claws well with the palm. Bring the heel of the bent leg to the buttock. Now slowly raise the sky towards the sky with the palm keeping the right hand upward Hold this position for 6 to 8 seconds. Keep the raised arm tight and firm. The right leg on which you are standing should be tight and straight.  Keep looking straight and breathe normally. Slowly bring the raised arm down, and keep it in a tight position.  Do not drop your hand  When the raised arm has reached the side, release the left leg to come to the floor.  Now rest for some time and follow the same procedure in turn and move forward.

Advantage of doing  Santulasan:-

Strengthens thigh, arms and shoulders Strengthen spine and abdominal muscles Improve balance in nervous system Stimulates manipulator cycle Develops core strength Strengthens entire back.  Activates the whole body and creates a feeling of positivity Develops a sense of inner balance and harmony

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