Garudasana :-

Garudasana | best tips Benifits for doing garudasana

Method of garudasana :-


Garudasana is named after the word "Garuda".  Garuda means eagle. In this asana, you are in the eagle posture, hence the name "Garuda Sasan". This article describes how to do the posture of Garuda Sasana and the benefits it can cause. Along with this, it has also been told what precautions to take while doing the posture.

Method of garudasana :-

Prepare yourself mentally and physically before performing Garudasana. Now choose a flat ground and place a yoga mat. Then stand upright on the yoga mat. During this, you continue breathing normally.

 In the next step, you have to bend your knees slightly and do both hands in the front. Now bring the balance of the entire body on the right leg and raise the left leg. After that, move the left leg backward from the right leg. During this, the left thigh will remain above the right thigh. Now in the next step, you have to cross both arms by bending the elbow.  During this, the left arm is to be placed above the right arm.

 Then you have to try to bring both palms in the salutation posture. Now keep yourself in this posture as long as possible. Then slowly come back to its initial state. Now you have to do the same process from the other side as well. Three to five cycles of this asana can be done.

Benifits for doing garudasana :-

When you practice this asana, it is possible that you feel yourself.  But when you get used to doing this posture, then your body will feel like you are flying in the air, just like an eagle.  'Flying in the air' refers to the flow of energy that occurs after the body enters this state.  This flow, or energy, makes you stable and strong as well as gives you the power to face difficulties.  Especially when you are in the midst of difficulties.

What are the precautions to be taken while taking


This asana should not be done in very severe arthritis. It should be avoided in the case of swelling in the bones. This asana should not be done if there is an injury in bones and joints.

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