Janu sirasasana

Janu sirasasana | best tips for doing Janu sirasasana


Janu Sirasasana:-

Yoga science was discovered thousands of years ago in India. Sages and yogis spread the light of yoga throughout the world. It is his contribution that today, no one can deny the importance of yoga that makes mankind healthy, capable, and strong. Now, this whole world has not only accepted this but has also given recognition. However, it is not as if all Yogasanas were discovered thousands of years ago. Science is actually a process of continuous learning and knowing. Therefore, in this article, Janu will tell about the advantages of doing a headstand, the right way to do it, the method, and precautions.

Method of Janu sirasasana:-

Sit in Dandasana. Try to lengthen the spine by pressing the ground with light hands and breathing in. Breathe in and lift your right leg and rest the right leg on the inside of the left thigh. In this posture, there will be a strain on your right hip and knee.  And your right knee should be grounded. Breathing out of the hip joints - be careful not to bend from the waist joints. Exhale while bending down. Grab the left leg with both hands. See the above picture to understand the posture of this posture. In total, breathe in five times and exhale so that you can remain in the posture for 30 to 60 seconds.  Gradually as your body starts increasing strength and flexibility, you can increase the time - do not exceed 90 seconds. After breathing five times you can come out of this posture. To get out of the posture, lift the torso while breathing in. Keep in mind that you keep your back straight and come back up from your hip joints. When you sit upright.  Take the right leg forward, and end in Dandasana. After doing it on the right side, do all these steps also on the left side.

Benefits of doing Janu Shirshasana :-

Benefits of doing Janu Shirshasana:- Calms the mind and helps relieve mild depression. Increases flexibility of the spine, hamstrings, hips, and knees. Stimulates the liver and kidneys. Improves digestion. Relieves anxiety, fatigue, headaches, and menstrual discomfort. High BP is therapeutic for insomnia, and sinus.

What are the precautions to be taken while taking Janu sirasasana :-

What are the precautions to be taken while taking Janu sirasasana:-


Do not do this asana if you have pain in the spine. This asana should not be done even if there is a serious illness. Do not do this asana in case of diarrhea and asthma. If you have pain in the neck, you should not do Janu Shikasana. Do not raise your hands when there is a problem with shoulder pain. In case of knee pain or arthritis, practice with the help of a wall. Heart and high blood pressure patients should not do this asana. Initially, do Janu Shikhasana under the supervision of a yoga trainer. You can do this asana on your own as well. Always consult a doctor before starting the practice of Janu Shikasana.

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