Exercise for diabetes patient| the best exercise for diabetes patients

Exercise for diabetes patient| the best exercise for diabetes patients

Diabetes: is a very bad disease, it is a Mellitus Nutrients problem. Diabetes’s system is unusually increasing glucose in blood and emission of extra urine and glucose, it is because of your busy lifestyle .people  have deleted exercise from their life. they don’t understand the value of a good exercise. Exercise is the best way to keep our self disease-free. Exercise keeps you away from major diseases like blood sugar levels, weight heart attack, stroke, and makes you all body healthy.

Exercise can also help you to improve diabetes. Except it exercises helpful for weight loss, body fat, and increasing height. And you have no need to pay anything, you have to give some times for it in or India minimum 50% people are affected with any disease sugar diabetes, asthma, joint pain back pain, etc. They spend lots of money even then they do not get relief with these. And exercise can solve this problem for free.

The exercise which diabetes patient must do

  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Weightlifting
  • Resistance band exercise
  • game play with team


Swimming full-body exercise and good exercise .and you will also enjoy while doing it swimming, cycling, jogging give your heart, lungs body a proper workout.

YOU feel fresh and be active all the time swimming is a very good skill also and I think everybody should do this if you know good swimming so you get a chance to participate in swimming competition on national level sd should do swimming for at least half-hour in the morning every day. it controls blood sugar levels.



As we all know that walking good for our health by that also our body gets exercise and body exercise is very important. It is helpful to lose weight and reducing body fat when you eat food then you must walk for some time if you sit after eating food so your food will not digest and then it will become the cause of fat .wake up early in the morning and start walking on the road. you have to do this exercise minimum of 30m minutes it also helps to improve blood sugar level and   fight with  two types

Of diabetes. and every person should do this exercise by that they will not be affected by these types of illness.



This exercise can do everybody very easily most of the people or children have been driving cycle from many time they go to school or tuition by cycle, most of the young people go to the office or in the market by it but they don know cycling is that much beneficial for them that it can cure of you diabetes also .but today cycling has become old for a new generation now children want bike cars and youngster also has wished to good bike, car but they have forgotten that there was a time when people craved for cycling .cycle get you hard work.


Weight lifting

Weight lifting is some little tuff exercise but it's a good exercise it is helpful to build muscle mass which increases the number of calories that you burn each day strength training improves your blood sugar. you can take a weight machine or use house objects like bricks stone or heavy bottles for doing this exercise.

You should take suggestions from any professional gym master or teach how to lift the weight.

Resistance band exercise
Resistance band exercise

This is a very amazing exercise you have to take a starching rope squeeze it under your feet and now pull it by while holding and bring it to your stomach to back. it you can do all body excise with a resistance band. now next again squeeze the rope under your feet and pull it with the help of your hand and bring it to your shoulder. Take it down then again bring it to your shoulder and take it down. it is beneficial for your blood sugar .you can also take gym classes they will make you do these all exercises.

game play with team
Gameplay with team

Playing is also a good exercise there are so many games which makes us do physical hard work like football cricket batt ball, soccer, etc. playing in a team is good in this we have to search a chance to get our turn we have to struggle in bat ball football there is to much work of running. in football, so many players hit a sing ball and we have snatched that with them and have to play it is like a. and it makes you do exercise then even you don’t want if you are fond of playing so you should play these game. comption 

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