First put a met on floor then sit on it,

Asthma | best yoga practice for asthma patient

Asthma | best yoga practice for asthma patient

causes Asthma: is a serious disease in which this person has a problem to take a breath. because lunges do not get air properly. there is a sore throat.

 Asthma’s system is: cough, increasing heartbeats, increasing breath speed, pain in shoulder or waist feeling tired.

causes of asthma:  dust smoke air pollution, heredity, the skin of animals, hair or wings, etc.


 clean your home from time to time. there should not be any dust on the floor

save a patient with smoke

Asthma patients should escape pollution .cover your face when you go outside.

Do not through hairs on the floor when combing your hair.

Yoga  practice which is helpful to prevent asthma

  1. Sukhani
  2. Nandi shodhan pranayama
  3. Kapal Bhati pranayama
  4. Ardha matsyendrasna
  5. parvatasna
  6.  Bhujangasna


First put a mat on the floor then sit on it, sit in a lathi path position. knee your back and spinal cord straight take care that you are not yielded now put you both hand on knee, take a deep breath and leave it.

It’s a very good asana your mind and heart be happy and feel a peace .and you feel fresh it is called wheel pose also.

Nandi shodhan pranayama

Nandi shodhan pranayama

Sit on the floor keep your right foot on the left thing and left foot on the right thing. now clam your one nose and take a breath from the second nose and leave it outside and then press your second nose to take a breath from

Other nose and leave gets relief from stress and this asana is good for the respiratory and circulatory.

Kapal Bhati pranayama

Kapal Bhati

Same, in this asana you have to sit on the floor, keep your right foot below to left thig and second foot below another thing. take a breath and leave fast. you should do this til 5 10 minutes it gets to relax your mind and give energy to the nervous system and also improve Nadi and blood circulation.

Ardha matsyendrasanat

Sit on the land bring your both leg in front of you, now take your right left beside left knee and left leg beside left knee. take your on hand backside and hold your right leg by second hand, and see the improves the supply of oxygen to the lung and helps to prevent the possibility of asthma.


Sit down on the floor while holding your leg pick up your hand upside and joint both had with each other stop your breath for how may time you can stop .then leave breath slowly and keep down your hand .it is good for them who want to increase their hight, reduce fat of backside, improve spinal cord.



we also call it cobra pose in this exercise you have to lie on the floor belly side stretch your back and put your hand near to backside then take you to head up the side. Take a breath and keep you leg straight  .this asana increase oxygen in lungs .its make mass, blood vessel and bones flexible .and it is good for neck pain and back pain.


sit down bing your both leg in front of you and joint your both leg then hold your toes of food with the help of finger and yield you're held down slowly. Do this 10 to 12 times.

It solves gas problems .beneficial for sayatika and back pain and asthma, helps in skin disease and it also reduces fat.

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