But this does not reveal the right thing

How is obesity? | Home remedies to reduce obesity

How is obesity?:-

How is obesity?:- How is obesity? The wrong habits of our food habits and the digestive system deteriorate. These are the two main causes of obesity. Humans have got obese in exchange for the comforts of modern life.  We do not have time to dine in peace.  Our habits have changed so much that cooking at home has reduced that food.  This is the reason for how obesity happens. Due to which digestion worsens and as a result, gives rise to obesity. Humans become the victim of many diseases such as diabetes, excess pressure, cancer, arthritis, etc. due to obesity. Different methods are used in different countries to know obesity.  But this does not reveal the right thing. Is the scientific basis. In this, the percentage of body fat is calculated. If a person's body fat percentage is more than the requirement then he will be fat. This is the best way to know obesity. It is not easy to use this method.

Cause of obesity.


1) Nowadays the person has become accustomed to a comfortable life. The person does not want to exercise. Loves packing food. Taking medicines instead of a balanced diet, staying under mental pressure, etc. is due to obesity.

2) Genetic causes of parental obesity can also make future generations obese.

3) There may be different types of examples in the same age group due to metabolic activity. The metabolism process of some individuals is faster. Excess fat is the cause of obesity in the body due to being somewhat slow.

4) Reducing physical effort nowadays due to less physical effort, energy usage is less due to which body fat is collected.

5) Frequent eating habits are also the cause of obesity.

Home remedies to reduce obesity.

1) You eat green tea.  Green TPJ, at least two to three times a day, reduces your obesity very fast.

2) Add 3 teaspoons of lemon juice to a glass of lukewarm water.  Add a little pepper powder and honey to it and do it daily in the morning.  This will also make a big difference in your obesity.

3)  You can also use gourd for obesity.  You can drink gourd juice or eat gourd vegetables.  The gourd is low in fat.

4) You can also reduce your fat by drinking water.  Drinking water is also the easiest way to reduce obesity.  Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.  It will make you feel very well and it helps a lot in reducing your obesity.

5) If you eat 2 tomatoes every morning for 2 months, then there will be a big difference in your obesity.

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